Social Sunday, April

WordPress: 161 followers = +6
Twitter: 553 followers = +37

I was doing great with the Twitter games until last weekend, 3 days of not been able to do it broke my rhythm. However, even with that setback, I gained quite a few followers and I’m happy with this month’s total.

May’s games: #authorconfession, #MythMAYhem.

April Folly might be back in June and WIP joy doesn’t have anything up yet. I would like to do more games but I stumbled across all these ones, so I have to keep plodding along hoping another game catches my foot.

Happy Sunday and enjoy the May bank holiday!


Social Sunday 09/04

WordPress: 155 followers, no change
Twitter: 539 followers, +23

I am absolutely loving Twitter! The games are so much fun. Turns out I really know my 4 MC’s. If you want to see my responses go to @LillyCasey. If you want to join in on the games: #MythWorldWIP, #authorconfession, #WIPjoy and #aprilwipfolly. There are much more, but 4 is enough to keep me going.

I’ve been receiving DM’s off writers too. Real messages, not those “subscribe to my X, Y, Z,” ones. I ignore those because they are impersonal and are properly sent by a bot. It is nice to actually talk about writing to other people, connecting to people worldwide. The only writing community I have is the one that I am finding on Twitter. It is very important to me.

Happy Sunday!

Social Sunday 26/03

WordPress: 156 followers, +5
Twitter: 508 followers, +20

500 followers on Twitter! Awesome work. I am delighted.


I participated in the Twitter game #storycrafter last Sunday. The host, Faye Kirwin, asks 6 questions, and you must answer them with the tag #storycrafter. Here are the questions from last week:


Here are my answers:


I answered the 1st 3 questions in the allotted time, but then my dinner was ready. When I finished eating, I finished off the questions but didn’t get any likes or interactions from those answers. I enjoyed the experience, but it was very fast-paced, and a whole load of information flying at me. I had 3 Twitter tabs open to keep track of what was happening. If I can I will participate in today’s #storycrafter game.

Thank you to all of my new followers. Enjoy the last week in March and happy Sunday!

Social Sunday 19/03

WordPress: 151 followers, no change
Twitter: 488 followers, +2

If that doesn’t show if you are not consistent you will not get the followers, I don’t know what will! I’m not that bothered by it because I have weepy eyes, sore throat, and a blocked/runny nose. When I’m sick all I’m worried about is that I’ve enough tissues and something piping hot to scald my throat. Which reminds me, I must go make a cup of tea.

I have to go plan next week, and it should be way better than this past week. I don’t see how it could be worse unless I’m back in the Urgence (E.R). Can you believe it, March is nearly over? I want to get back running this week and make the decision of what to do in April’s Camp NaNo, I was thinking it might be perfect to get my monologues to my characters done. I really have to get cracking at draft 3. I am the only person who is going to write it. It is starting to feel a bit floaty and I want to grab it and nail it down.

Looking forward to a better week this week. Happy Sunday!