Fitness Monthly Review: April

From last Friday (21st/04) to Monday (24th/04), I did not do any exercising. On Tuesday, I did a 30-minute abs workout, it was intense. Standing abs, lying down abs, and planks, 3 rounds of each section will stop I did 2/3 rounds of the planks, my abs were burning and I could not finish the workout. I am very happy with my effort. Continue reading


New Routine

I have created a new Excel tab for my workouts. I have all my types of workouts listed: run, kickboxing, abs, balance ball, cardio, dumbbells, kettlebell, resistance bands, and body weight. I will be going week by week starting today.

Each week I would like to accomplish a minimum of a 30-minute run, one-hour kickboxing, 8-minute abs, and 30 minutes strength training. Continue reading

Fitness Thursday 30/03

Health issue again!

Yesterday was the 1st day back writing. I had no choice but to enforce another break. Sunday, I woke with absolutely no ability to use my right arm. Not only was it dead, but also painful: I had pains in the palm of my right hand, my middle finger, ring finger and baby finger: pain for my wrist to my elbow: pain from my elbow to armpit: pain below my armpit, in my shoulder and the side of my boob!

The only thing I could do on Sunday was lie down. I couldn’t text. I could barely pick up a mug of tea. I have been on a strict diet of no phone, no computer, no writing. It is tough. Continue reading

Fitness Thursday 23/03

The 1st thing I do before going out for a run is my running form drill. I no longer follow the video because I know it off by heart. I set my interval timer for 2 minutes work, 2 minutes rest on 2 cycles.

I focus on my form and where I am placing my feet. I’ve noticed my calves and ankles have gotten stronger since I began. My ankles rarely roll these days. Continue reading

Fitness Thursday

I have found an amazing woman who actually has succeeded in making me a fitness gal. Yes, I do the work myself, I alone motivate myself keep going, et cetera. This woman, though, has the most real YouTube fitness videos. I know I’ve talked about her before and these fitness posts will be mostly about my fitness achievements that I have achieved by following her videos. Today I will be introducing you to Pahla B Fitness. Continue reading