Human Summoning

Writing prompt: One minute you are in your house, the next you are standing in the living room surrounded by three demons. They dropped their Ouija board and scream as they run to the bathroom and locked the door. “I told you we shouldn’t have touched it!”
I really like this story and I think there is more to it. I will be adding to this prompt this week.

“I should never have bought these damn boots,” Jake muttered to himself sitting in the middle of his bedroom floor tugging at a sleek black boot. The remains of a wooden ruler lay beside him, “fits like a glove is an understatement!” He cried out using his bootless right foot to try and kick the heel off his left foot.

The air fizzled around him, a spark flashed from his fingertips.

“What the actual…”

His bedroom disappeared.

He was sitting on a stone floor, staring across at the couch filled with three things. Before he could register what they were, they screeched causing his hair to stand up on end. He ducked as they threw something up into the air. He could hear thundering feet exiting the room.

“… fuck?”

He lowered his arm and looked about the room cautiously. There was nobody in the room but himself. The thing they had thrown up into the air had landed near him. With the toe of his boot, he gently flipped it over and stared.

It was an Ouija board.

The room was well lit, but there were no windows, no source of light that he could see. He stood up slowly.

Placing his bootless foot on his left foot, to keep the cold from seeping up through his sock.

“Marcus? Are you playing some weird in-depth scam?” He called out surprising himself with how much his voice shook.

He heard a noise over by the door. His heart hammering in his chest, he turned carefully. Half closing his eyes, not wanting to see.

A small purple kangaroo shaped creature stood in the doorway staring at him.

Why on earth did I think kangaroo? That looks nothing like a kangaroo.

“You are human, yes?” It asked in a surprisingly deep voice.

Jake stood frozen as it came into the room. It walked on its back legs, its front legs were long, it kind of used them like an ape. He had no tail. Definitely nothing like a kangaroo. Something else was following into the room.

That’s a crab claw anyway, a big one. It had yellow drooping skin, it seemed to have a head and shoulders, but Jake couldn’t distinguish a face. Crab claw was taller than the not kangaroo.

Jake knew he had seen three creatures when the third one did not arrive. He realized that they were waiting for him to speak.

“Yes, I am human. What kind of elaborate trick is this?”

“Trick?” The not kangaroo said, “we accidentally summoned you. You can leave now.”

“I don’t know how I got here, if you summoned me, you should be able to send me back,” Jake said angrily.

He screeched.

A huge bumblebee the size of Jake’s own head appeared not two inches from his face. He fell over backward hitting his head.


That was a strange dream.

He opened his eyes and yelled loudly when he saw the three creatures looking down at him.

“I told you we shouldn’t have touched it!” He heard one of them say as he ran out of breath.