Motivation Monday 20/03

No quotes this week. My motivation came from sitting down and chatting with my boyfriend. I have been digging myself into a hole with this 1st chapter. Flaying about with the shovel causing myself more work.

He takes it out of my hand, gives me a cup of tea and points to the areas that need work. Stomping on the places that are fine for the moment.

This task would take 3 times as long if I didn’t have him to see the bigger picture. He has that fixed in his head, so when I go off and a creative tangent that jumps to another and so on and on, he reminds me where I started AND I then have to explain to him why this far out tangent is relevant.

Our discussions usually end up with me saying:
Right, right, good point. Okay, so where was I?
I pick up my pen and start writing.

I hope you also have someone to clear away the scribbles on your blackboard, to circle the important ideas. Happy Monday.


Motivation Monday

“I, eight years into this professional career, have no idea what my personal style is and the fact that I don’t know doesn’t matter.”
Dan Wells S12 E10: Developing Your Own, Personal Style,

Personal style is something that I do not worry about stop going through art college taught me that. Style comes with practice. It is your way of looking at something, it is your way of then describing that thing to someone else. Style is your upbringing, your background, your history. Style is your opinion, your viewpoint. It is the connection between your eyes and your brain. You focused on the things you find interesting and important. It cannot be taught. It comes out through your thoughtless writing and through your re-edited work. It is always there, whether you see it or not.

Don’t fret about your personal style, they do grow by practicing what you love to do.

Motivation Monday

“The main point is that I don’t worry about anything other than simply writing, getting something down on paper.”

“Writing is not a finite thing that ends when you turn thirty or forty or fifty or sixty. With any luck, if you care about writing it’s a lifetime pursuit… We write. Sometimes it’s good. Most times it’s not. As Samuel Beckett put it: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” That’s all I want out of my artistic life. To feel better than the last time.”

P 31, Poets & Writers, March/April 2017 The Necessity of Failure by Kevin Wilson.

I read this article on Saturday, and these are 2 quotes that jumped out at me. I have been struggling with the fear failure and rejection, reading about his experiences resonated with me. After I read the article, I finally wrote the poem I have been avoiding to write for competition at the end of this month. His words gave me that push I needed and couldn’t achieve on my own. Pushing past the doubt I feel about myself as a writer, even writing these words is the proof that I will keep going. I do find myself being crippled by the fear and doubt. And when I work through it logically I realize it is down to the what ifs. I cannot control the what ifs. I can only keep writing.

I hope I have referenced these quotes properly, the last thing I want to do is mess up in that regard. I hope you all a happy Monday, and I see you on Wednesday with my free writing exercise.