What does getting old mean to you?


there aren’t any old people in the castle. The castle itself is old, the stones on the outside and worn down compared to the stones and the insight. Those stones are grimy to touch, layers and layers of smoke from the hearth. My mother died in her 30s, a grandfather died young, so they say. I don’t understand what all days. I suppose it means I will be Queen, but that means father won’t be here I wish I could stay put and not move forward, stay in this bubble right here.


the house, the coins, the servants will all belong to me. I will get married to someone lower than me, it’s important he knows who is in charge. I will take over my father’s role as Treasury and help Yazmin rule the kingdom. I will be ruling the kingdom. She is not reading this, is she? If she is, take that part out. Better she believes she is the ruler.
No more tight clutches on the purse strings, dear father.


the only future I think of is what crops to plant for next year.


I’ll slit my own throat before I get old enough to get sick.

I’ll check under the bed first though.


If you could change a law, what would it be and why?

Yazmin: that I could leave the castle. Why? Because I haven’t set foot on the bridge since the day my mother died 6 years ago. Yes, the castle is a big place but not only am I not allowed to leave it, it is not proper to go to the lower levels or dungeons. I’ve to stay in the hall or the King’s quarters. There is not a lot to do. The library is full of information from the outside world, there are stories from make-believe lands. About wars and love and all kinds of animals, all I see are cats and rats. Continue reading

Free Write Wednesday 29/03

Write about a teacher. Write for 10 minutes, and no editing afterward. Post it as it is.


She taught me how to journal. How to sketch the important parts of the plant, how to press leaves and petals. Pops taught me and Theo how to be cautious, she taught me freedom. She taught me how nothing can truly harm you if you take it in small quantities and flush it out with plenty of water. She taught me to always try on myself first before any animal, including Theo.

She taught me how to look after the women even though she knew that they’d only come asking me in desperate cases. She taught me how to hunt, she told me where to place my fear, and how to trick the Fiend.

She taught me how to dive, and how to put someone out of their misery. She taught me how to bury her.

She took me in when Pops couldn’t and no one else would, she treated me as a man and never a child. She taught me how to survive.

That’s a teacher, right?