Weekend of Presidential Election Adventure

IMG_20170424_225258We broke into a previously broken into house! That’s not illegal right? I love abandoned places and nature reclaiming man-made objects. It is scary in the city, exploring abandoned buildings because the chances are there are squatters, homeless or drug users. None of which look kindly on a skinny chick fumbling with her phone.

I’ve always wanted to go snooping around an abandoned house, who doesn’t? It is fascinating what people leave behind them. We found a calendar that had the year 2002 on it. 15 years that house stands alone. No laughter, no tears, no anger. Silence, except for the wind and rain sweeping through the open windows and doors. Continue reading


The rain fall

The rain comes down
The sky is dark
Memories of my home town
When will I go back?

The rain saddens me
I feel cold
I was empty
On that island.

It is a beautiful spot
Lovely people too
I will not
Go back there.

Maybe I will forgive
The place that nearly sent me
To an early grave.
I watch, the rain fall.

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