W&R April: Goal Evaluation

April goals:

30 pages for camp
I added 31 pages into my S.B.
continue with blog posts
Organization skills need to improve! I’ve been contemplating putting WordPress on my phone so that I can work on my posts when I’m not near the computer. However, at the same time, I enjoyed the break from all of the Internet ties when I go away for a few days. For the moment, the pros and cons balance each other out.
chapter 1 @ the betas
start chapter 2
Yeah, I am nowhere near finished chapter 1, every time I sit down to write, I get lost in the massive holes I have! Chapter 2 is a far distant light that is not getting any closer.
participate in these Twitter games

May goals:

30 pages in S.B.
blog posts
write more of chapter 1
network on WordPress
Twitter games


I finished Wells of Ascension! I am so delighted to have that tome of a book over with. I re-read The Eye of the World Robert Jordan. This time I highlighted any piece of writing that stood out to me, I then wrote all of these quotes out and put them into my S.B. to teach myself how to write.

We were walking through a book market and I saw something that jumped out at me, “this is about my city! And New York, but it starts off in my city.” I gushed about the book so much that my boyfriend bought it for me. Les Cendres D’Angela by Frank McCourt. I read it years ago. It was nice to have a bit of home when I was walking around a French market.
Yesterday, we bought Le Meilleur des Mondes by Aldous Huxley (A Brave New World). I have never read it before, and it is the next book on my to-read list after I finish The Great Hunt. Yes, I got hooked by The Wheel of Time. This time is different though because I am analyzing the writing throughout.

May’s reading goal: finish The Great Hunt, add quotes to S.B. and start Le Meilleur des Mondes.


Fitness Thursday

I have found an amazing woman who actually has succeeded in making me a fitness gal. Yes, I do the work myself, I alone motivate myself keep going, et cetera. This woman, though, has the most real YouTube fitness videos. I know I’ve talked about her before and these fitness posts will be mostly about my fitness achievements that I have achieved by following her videos. Today I will be introducing you to Pahla B Fitness. Continue reading

Elegances Rambling Thoughts

French and my poetry
Eight poems done. It is easier than I thought it would be. Once I have the subject the words seem to flow forward. A search through rhymer.com and the right word pops out. The rhythm is what slows my progress. I find the perfect rhyme, write it out and realize the second line is twice as long. Or one word throws the whole beat. But without that one word, the whole thing makes no sense.

This is where the skills of learning a new language comes into play. Translating Continue reading