Fitness Monthly Review: April

From last Friday (21st/04) to Monday (24th/04), I did not do any exercising. On Tuesday, I did a 30-minute abs workout, it was intense. Standing abs, lying down abs, and planks, 3 rounds of each section will stop I did 2/3 rounds of the planks, my abs were burning and I could not finish the workout. I am very happy with my effort. Continue reading


Week 1 of New Routine

4 hours in total last week! Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are running days. I managed to get out last Friday but haven’t since. We were waiting for a package to arrive, I couldn’t leave the apartment. Thank you, UPS for the inconvenience. I did 15 minutes on the elliptic trainer on Monday instead. Thursday is strength day, today I did a 30-minute dumbbell workout. I will be doing a different strength equipment workout each week and hopefully will be able to repeat some in the future. To check my progress. Saturday is cardio day. Sunday is training with my boyfriend. Last week we did a full hour of kickboxing. It flew by, I seriously did not notice the time. It was an awesome session. And Tuesday is abs day.

Every single day, bar Sunday, I do 10 minutes of kickboxing. To practice my punching. I also do approximately 10 minutes of a warm up and cool down, before and after my workout. Last week I said my goal was to do 2 hours and 30 minutes each week, I forgot to add in the 30 minutes of cardio. My actual goal is 3 hours. The warm up and cool downs are not included in this. However, I have them included in my Excel tab. This week I did 3 hours and 10 minutes plus 50 minutes of warming up and cooling down, which is the 4 hours total.

This week I took a rest day on Wednesday. It is good to know that even though I took a day off I can still hit my goal. That’s it from me for this week. Happy Thursday!

New Routine

I have created a new Excel tab for my workouts. I have all my types of workouts listed: run, kickboxing, abs, balance ball, cardio, dumbbells, kettlebell, resistance bands, and body weight. I will be going week by week starting today.

Each week I would like to accomplish a minimum of a 30-minute run, one-hour kickboxing, 8-minute abs, and 30 minutes strength training. Continue reading

Fitness Thursday 23/03

The 1st thing I do before going out for a run is my running form drill. I no longer follow the video because I know it off by heart. I set my interval timer for 2 minutes work, 2 minutes rest on 2 cycles.

I focus on my form and where I am placing my feet. I’ve noticed my calves and ankles have gotten stronger since I began. My ankles rarely roll these days. Continue reading

Fitness Thursday

I have found an amazing woman who actually has succeeded in making me a fitness gal. Yes, I do the work myself, I alone motivate myself keep going, et cetera. This woman, though, has the most real YouTube fitness videos. I know I’ve talked about her before and these fitness posts will be mostly about my fitness achievements that I have achieved by following her videos. Today I will be introducing you to Pahla B Fitness. Continue reading