A short story for you guys!

I finished the 8-week writing course called Start Writing Fiction today. I thoroughly enjoyed it and this is my final piece of writing for it:

My brother. Poor Mike. He’s special, you know? And you know what happens to special kids, especially ones in an all-boys school. I wish mam had been able to get us into a mixed school, then I could have protected him some, like in primary school.
Honestly, a piece of string should not be called underwear. Continue reading


Creative Writing Course

I started a creative writing course last week, it is free, from the Open University. It is confusing and slightly overwhelming, as it’s free it is peer group orientated. There are like a thousand plus participants. It is possible to read all the comments, but responding in a relevant way is tough and time consuming. Even reading is exhausting.

Today, I will show you the exercises I did this week. Continue reading