Social Sunday, April

WordPress: 161 followers = +6
Twitter: 553 followers = +37

I was doing great with the Twitter games until last weekend, 3 days of not been able to do it broke my rhythm. However, even with that setback, I gained quite a few followers and I’m happy with this month’s total.

May’s games: #authorconfession, #MythMAYhem.

April Folly might be back in June and WIP joy doesn’t have anything up yet. I would like to do more games but I stumbled across all these ones, so I have to keep plodding along hoping another game catches my foot.

Happy Sunday and enjoy the May bank holiday!


W&R Saturday 01/04


Camp NaNoWriMo has started. My cabin was quiet all week. I was nervous, contemplating exiting the cabin and getting sorted into a new one. Yesterday, people started waking up. There are a few people in the same time zone as me, another fear of mine laid to rest.

What I like about this Camp is everyone can make their own goals. Continue reading

Social Sunday

I want to try something new. Yay, experiments! I am going to break up my weekly update into the different topics and have them throughout the week. I’ve already started with Poetry Friday, and Writing & Reading on Saturday. They are both self-explanatory. Today is Social Sunday, where I will be giving you updates on my networking. Motivation Monday for anything that I find that inspires or motivates me. This may not be a weekly post, but it will be something that when I come across a quote that makes me feel good inside I will mark it, and posted for you all. I have Free Write Wednesday, I have this site where I go to when I am stuck in a rut. Continue reading

Week 6

I have a migraine, it started last night late evening. I took some medication but that didn’t work, so I lay down on my bed in the darkness. Yesterday it was a pressure migraine, focused all over my forehead. This morning the pain is mostly coming from behind my right eye. I feel sick and dizzy. I’m going to write up my blog post, and then no more computer screen work for the day.

I finished part one of the Wells of Ascension, Continue reading