First Buddhist post

I was going to write out a big post on Buddhism as promised but honestly it was beginning to bore me. Here is the first installment of poems to explain my journey. Enjoy.

My last confession was sixteen years ago.
I’ve never regretted it, you know,
Letting go of believing in you.
You’re not a bad God, that is true.
You gave me no comfort, just emptiness,
You bring others a sense of calmness.
I don’t begrudge them, they have their path
I won’t point out the mistakes in their math.

I’ve found the Buddha, he was a man.
One man, who had a plan.
He tried every available teaching.
It made my brain ping!
Look him up, his story is out there
For anyone who has a care
To find the peace inside of them
Letting go of all the mayhem.

It is official, I am a Buddhist
I follow the path with trust.
That is the noble eightfold path
There isn’t any bloodbath
I’m not saying it is easy.
Every single day I see
The wisdom behind his words
And how to handle my life’s hazards.


April Review

Health & workouts

Did amazing with the meditation.
Yoga too, feeling at peace with myself.
Negative body image is not fun.
Found the way to negative prevention:
Fitting into new clothes bought off the shelf!

All my clothes are way too small. It took me
A long time to notice I am not fat.
I never had to struggle with my body
In this way. Take it on the chin, wisely.
Follow the wave, that is the way to do that!

It is possible
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March Review


The last time I made a LONG review,
Here’s three poems for you to chew,
Donate to view the other two.
Not a limerick, what do I do?
Too funny to try to redo!

Writing, drawing and crafts

Fourteen chapters in my spreadsheet,
is it possible to complete?
Adding extra columns each time,
don’t worry, it is not a crime!

Interested in Celtic roots,
nothing to do with the disputes,
Celtic knots and spirals are what
I am drawing in my booklet!

My carpet is coming alive,
pattern is starting to arrive.
My thumbs and fingers, they are sore,
waiting to spread it on the floor!

Poetry Friday 24/03

Three nouns: bravery, castle, coffin.

Castle stands: broken and alone.
Dungeons filled with coffins, they say.
No one left to sit on the throne.
Come take my hand, let’s make our way.

Scramble. Moss in the fingernails.
Brambles tug and grab at pants legs
Breathe deeply. Ivy hangs in veils.
How did they die? Was it the plagues?

Silence. Only the wind howls here.
Clutching hands in cold sweaty palms.
Ssh! I know the stairway is near.
Let’s go, please! What if there are bombs?

That is silly, you stay, I’ll go.
Don’t leave me! Basement is down there.
I will go first, taking it slow.
Down, down, down we go. Do you dare?

© 2015-2017

3 nouns: truth, earth, sheep

What is the truth about sheep?
Got nothing to do with sleep
unless the poem bores you.
One, two, three, four.. continue.

The story books are liars
or they’ve made some errors.
Sheep are not clouds of white fluff
they actually are rough

scruffy, smelly and stubborn
they never do a u-turn
no matter how big your stick
is. They charge in a panic.

You think a fence will stop them?
They love to create mayhem.
One will get stuck in the barbs.
Stroll amongst the fresh rhubarbs

let someone else rescue it
because it will be a twit.
Another will take the fence,
no thought for the expense!

Your dreams will be filled with roasts
no more mending broken posts
a dash of rosemary sauce
You will show them who’s boss!

© 2015-2017