W&R Saturday 01/04


Camp NaNoWriMo has started. My cabin was quiet all week. I was nervous, contemplating exiting the cabin and getting sorted into a new one. Yesterday, people started waking up. There are a few people in the same time zone as me, another fear of mine laid to rest.

What I like about this Camp is everyone can make their own goals. Continue reading


The aftermath of NaNo and its review

December, how I wished and willed the month of December to arrive. Creating content that comes to 2000 words every day is exhausting. I planned my outline sufficiently. I had something to write about for twenty-seven of the thirty days. In the first couple of days, I even managed to write two thousand words more on one of the topics.


My timeline, 7 point story structure

I write my stories through Dragon Naturally Speaking. This, like every other method, has pros and cons. It cuts out all of the “am’s,” “likes,” and “you knows.” It forces me to really think about my word choice. Continue reading


Bk2 is finally finished! 58,376 wordcount by Scrivener. I am exhausted and looking forward to writing in my journal again 🙂


I have it compiled and saved separately. And now will send it to my boyfriend so he has it saved too. Can’t be too careful!

Another year done.