New Bullet Journal


Bullet Journal Cover: every single page has a mistake on it. That’s ok. I like the mistakes. June will be the first month. If I add more collections before then (highly likely) I’ll update this post.






Birthday’s and Holiday’s! The reason half is blank is becauseI don’t know the school holidays for next year yet. When I get them, I’ll fill in the rest of this.


Future log: Updating as I sort things out



Budget, income and out going money.



Chores list: at some point I’ll redo this as some of these happen every 6 months while others are weekly. “Bins” is washing them!



Buddhism Page: I wanted to have this information accessible. I’ve started this journey and these pages are a helpful reminder. I have stopped killing bugs. Everything else, I acknowledge when I do it, I ask myself was I worth it and I move on. I will do a post on this later.


Baking Challenge: 10 new receipes to try, When I fill this out, I’ll update so you can see what all the boxes are for.


Library and reviewing: Books to-read and books read, and what I thought about them.





Weekend of Presidential Election Adventure

IMG_20170424_225258We broke into a previously broken into house! That’s not illegal right? I love abandoned places and nature reclaiming man-made objects. It is scary in the city, exploring abandoned buildings because the chances are there are squatters, homeless or drug users. None of which look kindly on a skinny chick fumbling with her phone.

I’ve always wanted to go snooping around an abandoned house, who doesn’t? It is fascinating what people leave behind them. We found a calendar that had the year 2002 on it. 15 years that house stands alone. No laughter, no tears, no anger. Silence, except for the wind and rain sweeping through the open windows and doors. Continue reading

Bullet Journal aka Log Book

My previous bullet journal post.

It is one year since I began my bullet journal. It has changed a lot in the last year but is still in my little journal. It is nothing like the fancy ones you see online. I have it at the basics, I no longer do a weekly to-do list. I have an actual diary where I write what needs to be done each week.
The most important thing is to be mindful of my valued living. I write the date in red pen, my valued living in green pen. Details and whatever else in black. I do a page for the month, each month. I writing appointments, holidays and birthdays et cetera. I call it my logbook because I log what I do. It records my reading, writing, exercise, networking, talking to friends, boyfriend time, ironing, and everything else I genuinely enjoy doing. My end goal is to lie in bed at night time and feel happy about my day. The logbook helps me pinpoint and acknowledge where the good feelings come from.
This is a short recap because, as I said above my journal is for the facts. I do not see any point in dressing them up. I like looking at others bullet journals, it is amazing what is out there. But I do not have the urge to decorate my journal in this way. Here is to another year of valued living.