Friend is a funny word
doesn’t surmount to them.
Laughter, tears, and awkward
moments splashed into a gem.

People who click, just that.
Take a breath and it’s good.
No friend will be a rat.
Some are from your childhood:

Hoping that our parents
would forget to get us
And we’d walk home this once
strutting in our badness!

Some from those awkward years:
Spots galore, and tight skirts.
Brave and strong amongst peers.
All the boys are perverts.

Move on, decision time
Decide your life! That’s right!
Everything’s fine but crime.
Grand promises to write.

College friends are up next:
Finding comfort in chips,
tests and men make us vexed.
Passing jokes and life tips.

Each weekend, selling shoes
forms a bond for sure.
Chatting about our news
trying to find the cure.

Facebook brings a “creeper”
Who isn’t one at all.
Black eyes and odd banter.
Hot men and alcohol.

Living on the Dock Road
eating good Irish beef.
We had the best life code
hugging away the grief.

Reddit is an odd place,
even there I found a friend.
Started at a slow pace,
Now I do recommend

to let the random-ers in.
Ones who aren’t afraid
to pinch your silly skin
and dodging the tirade

until you think, Oh noodles!
Who tell you good or bad,
that stay through the battles.
Because you will be glad

when you realise how
important good friends are.
Why not take a deep bow
then help us raise this bar.


What am I currently reading?

I am reading three books at the moment: one from my book club, un en français et the book I’m always reading.

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse – the book club

Midnight, Texas – Simples Mortel, Passez votre Chemin, Charlaine Harris – le français

In the Buddha’s words by Bhikkhu Bodhi

Obviously, I’ll be doing a review on each when I finish them. The Charlaine Harris book is to see if I can read the books from the adult section of the library – if my language skills have improved! I figured the language that she writes in isn’t higher class English, so it should translate okay and I hopefully will be able to follow the story.

I’m going to London for this weekend and I hope that book will see me through the horrible waiting around period between flights and on the flights etc. I haven’t decided if I’ll push my skills even further and try to write a review in French. That could be interesting and super difficult, because French is no joke. Even the French struggle to write French correctly!


And that’s it! Have a good day and thanks for stopping by Open-mouthed smile

Job hunt

Began by teaching my teddy bears
telling them to learn my prayers.
Standing before a class, smiling.
No longer teddys but growing

minds that listen and criticise
believing they are beyond wise.
Laughing is the only way to
deal with this kind of point of view!

We were all smart-arses one time
thinking we were ready to climb
out of the education zone
anticipating the unknown.

Interviews are stressful and short
the old folks give you no support
”There’s plenty of jobs out there, dear,
you have only to be sincere.”

What! Sincere? Got to be a slave
don’t wear too much aftershave.
Three years experience to boot,
the cost of a brand new suit.

Finally get a job, who cares?
Try to hold in the streaming tears.
Boss’s a prick, colleagues are petty
hours are long, you want to flee.

What to do now? A masters?
Who knew about the dangers?
Climb into your comfort place.
Start again in the marketplace.

This time with the courage to say:
”I know how much I bloody weigh,
I am not your slave, Mister,
write that down in your big binder.”

A good boss, some nice colleagues and
a decent job is the best hand.
Takes a while to get the mixture
right, be patient it will occur.

Don’t give up, keep driving forward.
Talk to your friends, don’t get angered.
There is a job for you, trust me
you just have to find the right key.

A post I’ve been meaning to write…

I started an Instagram account for my bullet journal and for my writing, @elegancesicy. If you want to keep up to date on the state of my bujo, journal and writing journal follow me on that!

I have a couple of little goals for this year.

Writing goal: to bloody well do this freaking draft that has been blocked inside my head for the last few years. And also work on the graphic novel collaboration I’m doing with my good friend.

    1. Descriptions. Improve, practice, observe!
    2. Discipline. I’m great in my working life but my life? Discipline goes out the window. Have to make this a habit.
    3. Enjoy it. I’ve to stop making it a chore. I love creating worlds and telling stories.

Journal goal: I had a voucher for €20 and I bought a beautiful notebook which is half lined, half blank pages. I want to write a little bit about my day into this and also draw something. The drawing progress will be put up on my Instagram account.

Bullet journal: keep using it because it organises my whole life! However, I’m starting to keep my writing stuff out of it. Doesn’t help my progress.

Reading goal: 24 books in 2019, not including re-reads. The breakdown:

    1. 3 French books
    2. 6 Irish themed books
    3. 6 books from my book club
    4. 9 new books

Fitness goals: currently, I’m running 5km every Saturday morning and going to a yoga group on the Wednesday. I would like to add a Pahla B Fitness workout once or twice a week too.

Buddhism goals: listen to the weekly podcasts of Buddhist Society of Western Australia. Maybe do some meditations with them on the Friday evening. Carry on meditating myself. And continue reading In the Buddha’s Words. My motto from last year: Stay positive and mindful, was a huge help in the darker moments of my year. I will carry that through.

TESOL goals: keep working on getting that certificate. Keep trying new challenges at work.

And that about covers it! I think in about 3 months I’ll do an update on how my goals are going for the year. I’m not going to be super strict about everything. No more “I have to do this every single day.” I know with the meditation, it’s supposed to be a daily habit, but honestly, I’m just not there yet. Instead, I’m going to tip away at things. No pressure. Enjoy life.

Review of A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young ManA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From now on this will be the book I advise people to read if they want to know the depth of the religion in Irish culture. Now, obviously, for my generation, it was not as prevalent as it is in this book. However, I can’t help but smile as I read the pages and pages that Joyce writes describing how the priests talk about the horrors of hell.

This book is about a young child growing up. Growing up underneath the pressures of being a good boy and therefore a good man. The pressures come from his mother and the priests at the various schools he attends. On the other hand, his father and his schoolmates want him to be a mischievous person. His father recounts tales of his youth, trying hard to relive them. His schoolmates chatter freely about everything and anything. Stephen is blocked in in that horrible place of extreme doubt and indecision. Searching for his own identity and not finding it amongst the people he must be around.

James Joyce really conveys the suffering one feels growing up amongst a mass of rules. Everything that you want to do is a sin. The guilt is laid on you every step of the way. I would very much like to read the female perspective from this time period.

The descriptions are great. When I read the couple of lines that Joyce uses to describe a character and the room he is in, I’m transported directly to that place. It is fascinating to see how the words create the image. Something, I need to work on in my own writings.

I give this book a 4/5 star rating. I think I read at the wrong period of my life if I had read this book as a teenager or during my own college time, it would have moved me more then it did. The descriptions were excellent. And thanks to The Irish History Podcast, I was able to get some historical references which I would fear have blown right past me otherwise. It is a book I think will be worth a re-read. I, however, must warn you all that there are pages of sermons that just go on and on. And apparently there are saints who know exactly what’s happening in hell, and I really want to know exactly how they came on to this knowledge?

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