Elegances Icy is a pen-name for Lilly Casey. Lilly was born in Limerick city and grew up in County Limerick. She got her Fine Art degree in Limerick School of Art and Design. Living most of her life in Limerick, she took the decision in 2013 to move to France.
Six months later she met someone. He was the first person to explain to her that depression is like any other sickness. It can be healed, you’ve got to find the right medication.
The right medication for Lilly has been writing and therapy.
It was hard at first battling the voices in her head. The ones who told her she couldn’t do it. She kicked them out, one negative voice at a time.
She started with poetry, the words jumbled together in their delight at getting out.
Currently, she is working on a fantasy novel based in a world which has no name for the moment. It doesn’t worry her, that will come.
You can stay updated by following this blog. You can also follow her on Twitter, Pinterest, and goodreads.
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