Changing Spreads

Hello all,

I disappeared again, you should be used to it by now! This is the first evening in the last few weeks where I actually have the time to post something. I’ve been busy working, studying English and searching for the right lessons. I am having fun but wow am I exhausted the whole time. My bujo has been so helpful and I’ve been searching for a spread that will work with my new routine.



Space! So much space! What a waste of a page…


Much better, clearly laid out, can add to-do’s as I think of them and go through my week. Unfortunately, the right side still has too much space. Can’t be having that!


This is for next week, I like it so far because having 2 weeklies on either side means I can see exactly when I am working and which job. Small enough boxes so I can make modifications. Hopefully, this will be the one.