Bullet Journal aka Log Book

My previous bullet journal post.

It is one year since I began my bullet journal. It has changed a lot in the last year but is still in my little journal. It is nothing like the fancy ones you see online. I have it at the basics, I no longer do a weekly to-do list. I have an actual diary where I write what needs to be done each week.
The most important thing is to be mindful of my valued living. I write the date in red pen, my valued living in green pen. Details and whatever else in black. I do a page for the month, each month. I writing appointments, holidays and birthdays et cetera. I call it my logbook because I log what I do. It records my reading, writing, exercise, networking, talking to friends, boyfriend time, ironing, and everything else I genuinely enjoy doing. My end goal is to lie in bed at night time and feel happy about my day. The logbook helps me pinpoint and acknowledge where the good feelings come from.
This is a short recap because, as I said above my journal is for the facts. I do not see any point in dressing them up. I like looking at others bullet journals, it is amazing what is out there. But I do not have the urge to decorate my journal in this way. Here is to another year of valued living.


2 thoughts on “Bullet Journal aka Log Book

  1. I don’t know how we got things done before we had this? I had a day planner, but that fell to the wayside with the advent of smart phones and technology. My life just seems so much more organized ever since I began bullet journaling. So glad to see it’s working out for you!

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    • It has helped the most with negative feelings. Now, I have the proof each day that I have filled it with positive activities. Thank you for giving me the idea 😀 It’s fantastic for keeping me centred on the day too. Like before, days would pass by willy-nilly. It’s great knowing the exact day, and how many days are left in the month. And GO WRITE because this month is nearly over! Haha

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