W&R Saturday 08/04


Camp NaNoWriMo. I have 24 my 30 pages. I wrote 1400 words into the 1st chapter. I then went back to adding descriptions. I began researching what halls look like in medieval times. I ended up creating an account on a site which lets you make floorplans and build in 3-D. I now have a 2-D floor plan of what my hall looks like. I will be able to add rooms to it and build my castle from the floor up.

I also found notes about what wood was available and even better, the tools and techniques of creating furniture in medieval times. An awesome find which is now tucked into my Series Bible. My 1st scene is based around food, I went off on another information hunt. My results, a site that explained how to build my very own medieval oven. 2 different sizes! After a couple of evenings scrolling through websites, I found a recipe book that is packed with meals from that period. I printed that off and added it to my Bible with the source website. Always be prepared to give the credit to the people who deserve it.

Physical writing, I haven’t moved past the 1st sentence. Information and research, I have found a few golden eggs. I’m very happy with my week’s work.


I read 12 chapters this week! I’m nearly there, and naturally, the book is getting interesting again. Sigh.

I’m not sure what to read next, more than likely Terry Pratchett because he is my inspiration. When I return the Wells of Ascension I would like to pick up another French book. I also want to pick up the Bill Bryson book again. I want to create differences in the language structure in my WIP.

That’s me for this week. Happy Saturday!


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