If you could change a law, what would it be and why?

Yazmin: that I could leave the castle. Why? Because I haven’t set foot on the bridge since the day my mother died 6 years ago. Yes, the castle is a big place but not only am I not allowed to leave it, it is not proper to go to the lower levels or dungeons. I’ve to stay in the hall or the King’s quarters. There is not a lot to do. The library is full of information from the outside world, there are stories from make-believe lands. About wars and love and all kinds of animals, all I see are cats and rats.
I don’t understand why my father will not let a guard walk with me, like Leah. Leah says the village is beautiful, father says it is dangerous. One of them must be lying. Leah has never been harmed she would have told me, I’m sure of it. Father has never lied to me before. Would I even know it if he did? Or if she is lying?
This could all be settled if he let me leave the castle. All I want is to leave here, I am no longer a child. The law would be that from age 16 onwards the person can leave their home when they want to.

Leah: every craft person must take on an orphan as an apprentice. Too many are left drifting like discarded rags in the stream. And it’s not like they would actually need to pay them, feed them, clothe them and shelter them. They will be grateful. Less starving children to dirty the beauty of Silvercore.
I always try to get the orphans into a crafts house. It would be much easier if it were a law.

Theo: everyone should learn how to read and write. There would be a lot fewer fights and suspicions going around if people could understand the bills that appear on their doors. Instead of guessing and coming up with them last bad deed they did that could have gotten them into trouble. And then blaming someone for telling tales.

Jasper: a law? What you can’t even do that for yourself, you have to ask me to do it? Get away with yourself, I have better things to be doing than answering your questions. That’s the law there, don’t bother Jasper with stupid questions.


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