Poetry Friday 24/03

Three nouns: bravery, castle, coffin.

Castle stands: broken and alone.
Dungeons filled with coffins, they say.
No one left to sit on the throne.
Come take my hand, let’s make our way.

Scramble. Moss in the fingernails.
Brambles tug and grab at pants legs
Breathe deeply. Ivy hangs in veils.
How did they die? Was it the plagues?

Silence. Only the wind howls here.
Clutching hands in cold sweaty palms.
Ssh! I know the stairway is near.
Let’s go, please! What if there are bombs?

That is silly, you stay, I’ll go.
Don’t leave me! Basement is down there.
I will go first, taking it slow.
Down, down, down we go. Do you dare?

© 2015-2017 elegancesicy.wordpress.com


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