Fitness Thursday 23/03

The 1st thing I do before going out for a run is my running form drill. I no longer follow the video because I know it off by heart. I set my interval timer for 2 minutes work, 2 minutes rest on 2 cycles.

I focus on my form and where I am placing my feet. I’ve noticed my calves and ankles have gotten stronger since I began. My ankles rarely roll these days.

After this I do 9 warm up stretches: arm circles, arm crossers, high knees, booty kickers — when I’m doing the booty kickers I try to open my ankle up a bit, they can be tight and sore. That’s what I’m thinking about as I fling my leg back — squats, street leg swings on either side and lateral leg swings on either side. I love the lateral leg swings, I never opened my hip in this way before. I swings started off really small but now our super wide. I do each rep for 30 seconds, except for squats. I do a full minute of squats, this way I can concentrate on my form said a panicking and rushing in 30 seconds.

I do a five-minute warm-up walk which is the exact amount of time that takes me to walk to the field where I run.

Cooldown consists of these 2 videos: here and here. Sometimes I do both, sometimes only the standing cool down. I do know these videos off by heart too but I love hearing Pahla saying “I’m so proud of you,” I respond with “thank you, me too!”

It wrecked my head at the start that I had to do all of this preparation before I even got to run and I would only be running for 5 to 10 minutes. The effort of it! I cannot pinpoint exactly when that attitude changed. It did. Now as I am going through my warmup I repeat excitedly to myself, “I’m going for a run!” On Tuesday, I managed to go off into a daydream while I was running. I am happy that that happened. I’m no longer thinking about my foot and body placement, or my breathing, or the pains which appear everywhere. I get to go off into my world. I love my world. It’s where all my imaginary friends live.

Once again, I am really looking forward to running for 10 minutes straight. 2 laps of the field I running. 5 minutes is one lap of the field, I’m happy it works out so neatly. I adore when things work out neatly. I feel like purring in contentment.

Next week, I will do a month’s recap, coming from my lovely Excel worksheet running tracker. I have 4 weeks left of my 12-week course! Go me! Happy Thursday.

P.S Thank you to Pahla B Fitness for her awesome videos and attitude 😀


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