Free Write Wednesday 22/03

I’m changing this post up a bit. I’m going to use the free write to get into my characters heads. This week the subject is: write about a grandparent. Yazmin, Leah, Jasper and Theo all have 10 minutes each on this subject. These are their thoughts.


My grandmother believed that love would cure it. Her father believed that cold baths and excessive exercise would cure it. My grandmother spent so much time walking about the kingdom writing poetry that his parents believed she never would get married. They took it into their own hands. I grandmother wasn’t pleased that all but had no choice.

When my father came along she insisted that he could marry whoever he wanted and take his time deciding. She truly believed love would cure it. Unfortunately, love makes the betrayal worse. My father has never moved past my mother’s actions. He will always love her but it is tainted by her final deed.

My grandmother did not live to see this result. I never met her. She went on a bit of a rampage at the end and have to be killed by one of the guards. That time is no longer spoken about, like it, nobody speaks about it to me anyway. Maybe others speak it.

My grandmother was a sweet woman until the end. That’s what my mother and father tell me. Everyone seems to turn horrible at the end, Lord Turbulent takes more people than Lady Calm. I wish I knew which one took my mother. If anyone deserved lady calm it was my grandmother, why did she do the rampage at the end? She was so close to leaving this world peacefully. I wish I knew. I wish someone would tell me. I wish I could summon up the courage to ask.


My grandmother collected beautiful stones. Her belt and brooches are the best and brightest in Silvercore. I have them all now. I enjoy matching the colours to my gowns. Unfortunately, the wool these days are quite bland. I do not understand how they had such fine colours when my grandmother was life. The good thing though, is one of her gowns can be brought to the dressmakers and redone in our style. I do not like wearing garments that have been worn by others but if it must happen I am happy that at least it is family, not some worker. I shudder at the thought. Her eyes were grey-blue like mine, I’m happy I got her eyes as well as her sense of fashion. My mother, from what my nurse and servants was always wearing the one gown. What a disappointment for my grandmother. If only she could see me in all her fineness. Unfortunately, that happened. No need to discuss nasty stuff. I think I wear the green belt today. I wish the servants could find more stones before insist it is too dangerous to send them up into the mountains. Too expensive more like. When it takes him, I will send them exactly like my grandmother did.


My grandfather is alive. Which is unheard of here in Silvercore. He took care of me and my siblings, cousins and anyone who needs it. He is a carpenter, his house is filled with wooden devices and structures. I think that’s why he is still here, he doesn’t really bother other people. He does his work. He taught us all how to read, I’m the only one who keeps reading. Everyone else has moved on or died. They help others only when they can, unlike him, who helps even when he shouldn’t or cannot afford it.

He got a portrait done of the 2 of us. That is very expensive. He told me he was proudest of me because I haven’t popped out babies the 2nd I could make them like all the others. Including himself. He does realise that Jasper found a, or made a portion that one drinks before the action and if one does not feel too ill to continue, no babies will appear. Jasper and I are the only ones that have it, even though Jasper should pass about. My grandfather, Pops, would not be pleased with this hoarding.

He acknowledges Jasper for who he is, everyone feels sympathy for Jasper. Not many saw what he saw. Pops thought me everything I know, and he gave me his strip of land to farm. I would not be here if it wasn’t for him or I would be one of the orphans, who have the worst of lives.


Fluffyton the sixth was last good rabbit out of this line. Fluffyton the tenth doesn’t hold a flame to his grandmother. Fluffyton the sixth, I only have to brush her once a day. The tenth has to be brushed 4 times, otherwise, he starts eating his wool. He has no brain at all and proves the daily. I have to shove his food right under his nose, I’m nearly certain he is blind and his nose does not work. Must ask Theo what is the equivalent word to blind for a nonworking nose.

When the tenth finally realises that there is food, by Father Nature, does he slurp it down. Then, who has to spend the time cleaning his wool? Me of course. I would kill him and be done with it but Fluffyton the sixth was a rocksolid rabbit. If I breed him will the next generation be dumber? I cannot see how it could be, but I did think that about Fluffyton the ninth.

The quality of the wool is the best ever. I don’t know if that is worth all the time and effort. And the other rabbits are suffering because my attention is taken by dumb wool there in the corner.

I’ll take one more coat off him and see the price I get from the dressmakers. Apparently, some noble lady loves this wool. Look you fool, there’s your food. I need to go hunting. Kill something.


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