Review of the short story Little Saints by Stephen May

From the magazine The Moth, art and literature, Issue 27 Winter 2016

Basic summary:

A woman recounts her reflections and observations from time spent testing female rats on their sexual appetites and needs.

What I liked:

I love how May uses the rats to bring a touch of humour throughout the story. The character of the woman jumps out at me as I read her odd musings on what is basically a vibrator for female rats.

The same would when she recounts how the interview for the job went. We get to see aspects of her personality, style and her honesty. Which all help to make a character lifelike.

I liked the simple and frank descriptions of the materials they used. No frills. Stating exactly what it looks like.

I found the character relatable and the dialogue believable. I have definitely found myself going down similar thought ways.

The 1st paragraph is intriguing and odd enough to bring a smile to my face. He peppers the whole story with the right amount of humour, straight fact, wonder, and sadness. This keeps me interested throughout.

What I disliked:

The ending! I’m sorry, it could be me. Maybe I don’t understand it. It really feels like that moment you missed the step. What? That’s it! Nothing there?

I honestly, my cannot tell you what happened. Did she? Didn’t she? I’m not smart enough to figure out. And that feeling sucks.

The 1st time I read it: what the shit?

The 2nd time: okay, maybe the answer is in the story…

The zenth time: if the answer is there, it is not there for me to find. Grumble grumble…

Conclusion: 4/5 stars

The ending, I apologise, I want to know, did she?

I loved the story other than that. I experienced a fair scope of different emotions. Humour being the most frequent. I love humour.


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