Motivation Monday 20/03

No quotes this week. My motivation came from sitting down and chatting with my boyfriend. I have been digging myself into a hole with this 1st chapter. Flaying about with the shovel causing myself more work.

He takes it out of my hand, gives me a cup of tea and points to the areas that need work. Stomping on the places that are fine for the moment.

This task would take 3 times as long if I didn’t have him to see the bigger picture. He has that fixed in his head, so when I go off and a creative tangent that jumps to another and so on and on, he reminds me where I started AND I then have to explain to him why this far out tangent is relevant.

Our discussions usually end up with me saying:
Right, right, good point. Okay, so where was I?
I pick up my pen and start writing.

I hope you also have someone to clear away the scribbles on your blackboard, to circle the important ideas. Happy Monday.


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