W&R Saturday 18/03


This week writing took a nosedive because of sickness. Last weekend I had the beginnings of a head flu, then I was in hospital and now I have the beginnings of another head flu. Normally when I write, I go off into a daydream, and I am connected to my pen and paper the whole time. This week I have tried to sit down and write, and have found that I am not connected to my pen and paper. There were a lot of things I wanted to get down this week, my experiences of the ambulance, the night of attempting to sleep in a room with patients who make the most bizarre noises I have ever heard, my own thought processes as I experienced the whole ordeal. Each time I sat down to write it, I couldn’t.

I’ve spent the last few days watching the lecture that Brandon Mull gives in the latest Brandon Sanderson series of lectures. He says he daydreams until he has the scene figure it out and then he can write it down. I think that is where my problem lies, I haven’t thought about the experience enough, I am not finished processing it, to be able to write about it properly. I also don’t know the results and will find out about them for another few days, so the whole experience isn’t truly finished.

Another thing he talks about is how he is not in a writers group. This is music to my ears. Everywhere I go, every advice I get, tells me that if I am not in a writers group I will not succeed as a writer. I am delighted to finally find someone else who does not advocate being in a writers group. If I had the means to be in one, I would of course, try it. I’m not saying for one minute that it is a bad thing to do. It is not possible for me at the moment to be in a real-life writers group. And I am way too paranoid to put my writings up on the Internet where I have no guarantee that is is not gonna be taken.I’m not saying that my writing is that some that it would be stolen, but I have worked hard at my stories. There is absolutely no insurance whatsoever than an online group will not steal my ideas. Therefore that means for me there is no writers group. Hearing the advice that I must be in one, I must participate in one, has been disheartening. To finally hear someone say they are not part of a writers group, has taken a weight off my shoulders.


I had the same problem with reading as I did with writing this week. I could not concentrate on the story. It was the first time where I did not want to be transported out of my life, I wanted to be there, in the moment. Reading has always been my escape route from life situations that I did not want to be in. This time I was analyzing all of the emotions I was feeling as I was going through them. I was actively researching for future writings.

I hope to begin a normal week next week and get back to my workflow. Happy Saturday!


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