Fitness Thursday 16/03

I spent all of Tuesday night and Wednesday in the ER. I went in with severe abdomen pains. When they were about to take blood samples they realized I had a fever. I was put on an IV drip for the pain and paracetamol for the fever.

Wednesday I got an ultrasound, and a couple of hours later an MRI scan on my abdomen. I got the all clear to go home at 5pm, they think it was a urine tract infection but are not certain. I was given a prescription for painkillers if the pain comes back. It is now a case of wait and see.

I am exhausted. I’ve spent the day in that restless place. Every time I go to do an activity, I am distracted in minutes. Then I slump and fall asleep.

I’ve never had to go to a hospital, the whole experience was brand new for me. Obviously, I’ve visited people in a hospital, but I’ve never had a reason to be in one for my own health. The EMT’s, the nurses and the doctors were all lovely. The discomforts I felt throughout my short stay had nothing to do with them. I was pleasantly surprised as I’m sure I’m not the only one who has heard the horror tales.

Here are some photos that my boyfriend took:


Arriving at the hospital


In my gown, with IV drip


Sneaky snap of a snooze 😉


A visitor! Few minutes after this one, I got the all clear 😀

2 thoughts on “Fitness Thursday 16/03

    • Totally new experience for me, I was happily taking it all in 😀 And sure I was in the safest place if I got worse! Haha. I’m way better now, can’t believe it was a week ago. Feels like way more. Haha. Thanks for asking!


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