Social Sunday 12/03

WordPress: 151 followers, +2
Twitter: 486 followers, +15

First week of the experiment done and an excellent result of new followers. I have an idea for Tuesdays, but it will be like Monday, will not be every single week. I am thinking to make it the miscellaneous day. The subjects that do not fit into the other categories.

I made new categories for the posts, I wasn’t going to because of the pressure it puts on me to do the thing. You guys, who have followed me for a while know that I’m not the best that staying consistent! Then I thought, fuck it, the categories help me out more. I now have a place to put these posts, I can title them by date instead of having a load of posts called “Social Sunday”. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t. If it does, I now don’t have to backtrack and add all the posts to their categories and a later date. Look at that, I’m organized now.

I am loving the challenge of making a poem out of three nouns. It is really difficult but also satisfying when I see the end product. I give myself 5 minutes to write the words that pop into my head that connect with the three nouns. The next 5 minutes I write out sentences of possible ideas. Once I’ve done that, I usually know the emotion behind the poem. With the sheep poem, it was the sense of annoyance that I wanted to come through. I didn’t want anger, more frustration with a dash of humour. I think I succeeded in this endeavour. I really like that poem.

The Irish National Day is this week: a.k.a. Saint Patrick’s Day! By the way, it is Paddy’s day NOT Patty’s day. That is by far the most annoying spelling mistake to go viral. If any of you writers and authors use “Patty” well you’re not true to your passion. It’s as bad as using “your” instead of “you’re”. I’ll be keeping an eye out on Twitter so watch yourself!


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