3 nouns: truth, earth, sheep

What is the truth about sheep?
Got nothing to do with sleep
unless the poem bores you.
One, two, three, four.. continue.

The story books are liars
or they’ve made some errors.
Sheep are not clouds of white fluff
they actually are rough

scruffy, smelly and stubborn
they never do a u-turn
no matter how big your stick
is. They charge in a panic.

You think a fence will stop them?
They love to create mayhem.
One will get stuck in the barbs.
Stroll amongst the fresh rhubarbs

let someone else rescue it
because it will be a twit.
Another will take the fence,
no thought for the expense!

Your dreams will be filled with roasts
no more mending broken posts
a dash of rosemary sauce
You will show them who’s boss!

© 2015-2017 elegancesicy.wordpress.com


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