Fitness Thursday

I have found an amazing woman who actually has succeeded in making me a fitness gal. Yes, I do the work myself, I alone motivate myself keep going, et cetera. This woman, though, has the most real YouTube fitness videos. I know I’ve talked about her before and these fitness posts will be mostly about my fitness achievements that I have achieved by following her videos. Today I will be introducing you to Pahla B Fitness.

You can find her on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, Facebook, Pinterest, she is everywhere!

The Facebook Killer Bee Hive is the most special out of the lot. This is where you will meet real women (sorry guys, no males allowed) talking about everything fitness related. They are the most supportive groove I’ve come across except for the writing community! These women which are you on when things are going well. They will shower you with encouragement when things go belly up. They will laugh and cry with you. And always there with a feel good supportive comment is the Queen Bee herself Pahla.

She will comment on every single person supposed. There is about 400 people in the group. Not everyone posts things and that’s okay too. You can lurk in the shadows and still reap the benefits of this group. I’m an active poster, I post when I fall over or fail. And I post when I finally get that exercise move that has me wobbling all over the place.

Each month she does a theme for the month. This month it is March to 10 K. Do you see what she did there? It’s to get you running to 10 K but also to get her subscribers on YouTube to 10 K.

She has her own blog too! Where she goes into details of her experiences from running her marathons and more stuff about fitness. She has 2 YouTube channels, one is where you will find all the fitness videos. The other is so very important, the Buzz fitness mindset matters. There she talks about, well it is self-explanatory: fitness mindset matters! It is once a week out on Wednesday and discusses how to keep your mindset in the positive, in general terms because we are all different.

That is the introduction to Pahla now to what I am doing. My fitness and my mindset. My goal this year is to be able to run for an hour straight. I am on the 7th week of this 12 week program. I can now run for 5 minutes straight, I have never ever run for 5 minutes straight in my whole life. Saturday will be the 1st time I run for 10 minutes straight.
In February I ran a distance of 16 K, in run/walk intervals, at a pace of 8m/km. I run 4 days out of the week. I absolutely love it. I don’t listen to any music while I run, I have my earphones in so that my running app can tell me when I can take a rest or when I’m finished. I’m hoping that when I can run without thinking about my posture, my breathing, and the pain in my legs, I can think about story ideas, and plan out scenes for my book.

I fail a lot while I am exercising. It has helped me so much. When I fail I instantly get that flood of disappointment. Now, though, I take a few minutes to breathe, I tell myself it’s okay and I know the next time I have to do this exercise I will nail it. It works too because every time I have had to do a repeat I have noticed the progress in my own body.

That’s it for this week, next week I will update my progress how far I have run so far in March and we will see if I am having a good week or a bad week. Check out Pahla!


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