Motivation Monday

“The main point is that I don’t worry about anything other than simply writing, getting something down on paper.”

“Writing is not a finite thing that ends when you turn thirty or forty or fifty or sixty. With any luck, if you care about writing it’s a lifetime pursuit… We write. Sometimes it’s good. Most times it’s not. As Samuel Beckett put it: “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” That’s all I want out of my artistic life. To feel better than the last time.”

P 31, Poets & Writers, March/April 2017 The Necessity of Failure by Kevin Wilson.

I read this article on Saturday, and these are 2 quotes that jumped out at me. I have been struggling with the fear failure and rejection, reading about his experiences resonated with me. After I read the article, I finally wrote the poem I have been avoiding to write for competition at the end of this month. His words gave me that push I needed and couldn’t achieve on my own. Pushing past the doubt I feel about myself as a writer, even writing these words is the proof that I will keep going. I do find myself being crippled by the fear and doubt. And when I work through it logically I realize it is down to the what ifs. I cannot control the what ifs. I can only keep writing.

I hope I have referenced these quotes properly, the last thing I want to do is mess up in that regard. I hope you all a happy Monday, and I see you on Wednesday with my free writing exercise.


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