Social Sunday

I want to try something new. Yay, experiments! I am going to break up my weekly update into the different topics and have them throughout the week. I’ve already started with Poetry Friday, and Writing & Reading on Saturday. They are both self-explanatory. Today is Social Sunday, where I will be giving you updates on my networking. Motivation Monday for anything that I find that inspires or motivates me. This may not be a weekly post, but it will be something that when I come across a quote that makes me feel good inside I will mark it, and posted for you all. I have Free Write Wednesday, I have this site where I go to when I am stuck in a rut. It has a new feature on it where it asks you a random question on the subject. I will answer this question, and post my answer without editing it or changing it in any shape or form. I have nothing for Tuesday for the moment, it’s nice to have one day for rest or for playing with in the future.

As I’ve already told you, I participated in the #authorconfession for the month of February on Twitter. I connected with a fair few writers, it is awesome to go on to my twitter feed and see at shrill we real people talking about their writing experiences. I have enjoyed my experience with this game immensely. However, I have taken the decision to not do it for March. I will be checking in on all of the answers, though. J.M. Sullivan is an incredible woman to organize and maintain this game. The writing community is the most positive community that I have ever come across. Everyone seems to want to help everyone else. It is not a chore, and you can really sense that when you interact with these tweeters.

I have 471 followers on Twitter. I always have a moment of disbelief when I see that number, a moment where I think of myself as a fraud. It is only ever one moment, though. The characters in my head, the cramp in my hand, the notebooks filled with words all contradict that moment.

On this blog, I have 149 followers. Every time I get a new follower it makes me beam. I know I am a bit all over the place. I have my own way of organizing myself, which often looks chaotic to other people. So to be able to obtain a consistent foundation of followers is very satisfying. I know that you guys accept my irregularities. And I thank you for it.

I am not sure what exactly I will be talking about in this post each week. And I’m not that bothered right now to pinpoint down. I know the more I try to pinpoint something the less likely I am going to do it. I will catch you tomorrow with my motivation quote. Have a good Sunday.


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