W&R Saturday

Writing & reading

Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up in April, I decided I would not participate this year. Then I saw a tweet about it and I got a tingle in my belly. It comes to what would I do? What project would I dedicate my April month to? Last year, I tried it but failed because I was editing, well, rewriting Death’s Valley. I focused on the number of words I wrote each day instead of the quality of the story. This obviously rules out my WIP.

Next is the novella I outlined during the week and even wrote the first few hundred words to. It’s our horror/mystery/romance set in Ireland. My goal is to write about 32K for the story. This is one option.

Another option is to write a quantity of short stories. I can start outlining them now. Seven days per story. I’m not sure how I’d break that up, maybe three days of writing the story of four days of rewriting. I am leaning towards this option more so because of my fear of rejection.

Finally, to talk about this, I have purposely been avoiding writing stories since I made it my goal to try to get published this year. I have fallen into the self-sabotage trap. Believe me, I am aware that the only way to get published is by entering competitions et cetera.

Maybe if. No, that’s introducing a possible loophole for my brain. If I write a 1K word story per day the first week of Nano. I will have seven stories written. I can expand on those the next few weeks of April, picking and choosing the ones to work on. No outlining to do. They of, I pick a writing prompt and let loose.

I have to change my thought process. I’m not doing these stories to get published. No, that goal does not work. I am doing the stories to learn lessons on writing and to start networking with magazines. I’m doing this to improve as a writer. Wow, that feels way better. This is going on a Post-it to be read every single day.

I got an idea while listening to the recent podcasts by writing excuses. They were talking about short stories. I will pick one genre per story and focus on that genre. I will only have two characters and one place to write about. Putting restrictions on the number of characters in the story should help me focused better on the quality of writing and how to get the genre through the story.

I flicked through my Series Bible, I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of work I have in it. I try to write between half and A4 page and two A4 pages each time I work on it. I thought I was doing a mediocre job on it, but I’ve been doing really well.
The next step is to go back through the character fact files and bring the characters to life. I want to do monologues from all of the main characters. This will be beneficial when I am editing the book, and writing chapters with a specific person in mind.

I am on chapter 25 of the Wells of Ascension. I’ve had the book out for roughly one month. The only times I get confused with French is when there are fight scenes. Everything else I understand pretty well. I try to read a chapter per night. Normally, I am a fast reader and I am enjoying been forced to slow down. The story is taking shape in my head and if I was reading this in English I would have demolished it in a week, tops. Let’s face it, I miss a lot of the details for power reading like that. I may have to learn another language when I start reading French that fast too.

That is my writing in reading update for the week. Tomorrow, I will be explaining my new setup for the blog. Have a good Saturday.


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