Fitness Thursday 30/03

Health issue again!

Yesterday was the 1st day back writing. I had no choice but to enforce another break. Sunday, I woke with absolutely no ability to use my right arm. Not only was it dead, but also painful: I had pains in the palm of my right hand, my middle finger, ring finger and baby finger: pain for my wrist to my elbow: pain from my elbow to armpit: pain below my armpit, in my shoulder and the side of my boob!

The only thing I could do on Sunday was lie down. I couldn’t text. I could barely pick up a mug of tea. I have been on a strict diet of no phone, no computer, no writing. It is tough. Continue reading


Free Write Wednesday 29/03

Write about a teacher. Write for 10 minutes, and no editing afterward. Post it as it is.


She taught me how to journal. How to sketch the important parts of the plant, how to press leaves and petals. Pops taught me and Theo how to be cautious, she taught me freedom. She taught me how nothing can truly harm you if you take it in small quantities and flush it out with plenty of water. She taught me to always try on myself first before any animal, including Theo.

She taught me how to look after the women even though she knew that they’d only come asking me in desperate cases. She taught me how to hunt, she told me where to place my fear, and how to trick the Fiend.

She taught me how to dive, and how to put someone out of their misery. She taught me how to bury her.

She took me in when Pops couldn’t and no one else would, she treated me as a man and never a child. She taught me how to survive.

That’s a teacher, right?

Social Sunday 26/03

WordPress: 156 followers, +5
Twitter: 508 followers, +20

500 followers on Twitter! Awesome work. I am delighted.


I participated in the Twitter game #storycrafter last Sunday. The host, Faye Kirwin, asks 6 questions, and you must answer them with the tag #storycrafter. Here are the questions from last week:


Here are my answers:


I answered the 1st 3 questions in the allotted time, but then my dinner was ready. When I finished eating, I finished off the questions but didn’t get any likes or interactions from those answers. I enjoyed the experience, but it was very fast-paced, and a whole load of information flying at me. I had 3 Twitter tabs open to keep track of what was happening. If I can I will participate in today’s #storycrafter game.

Thank you to all of my new followers. Enjoy the last week in March and happy Sunday!

W&R Saturday 25/03

I feel good about my book. Myself and my boyfriend had a huge chat about my world. It is amazing to be able to discuss the ins and outs with someone. To see my world come to life in his words. I’ve decided on a couple of things:
1. I’m no longer going to worry about getting a short story or poem published. It is too stressful at the moment. As I was sitting on the bus on my way home on Tuesday, it dawned on me. I’ve been writing for less than 2 years. Why am I in such a rush?
2. I am going to start draft 3. I have all the pieces for the 1st chapter. I’ve outlined it for my boyfriend and he agrees with my idea. I know the tone I want, I know how I want the reader to feel. I am ready.

Continue reading

Poetry Friday 24/03

Three nouns: bravery, castle, coffin.

Castle stands: broken and alone.
Dungeons filled with coffins, they say.
No one left to sit on the throne.
Come take my hand, let’s make our way.

Scramble. Moss in the fingernails.
Brambles tug and grab at pants legs
Breathe deeply. Ivy hangs in veils.
How did they die? Was it the plagues?

Silence. Only the wind howls here.
Clutching hands in cold sweaty palms.
Ssh! I know the stairway is near.
Let’s go, please! What if there are bombs?

That is silly, you stay, I’ll go.
Don’t leave me! Basement is down there.
I will go first, taking it slow.
Down, down, down we go. Do you dare?

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