“Unwrap your gift!
Come on, be swift
Haven’t got all day.
Time to obey.”

“You’re not my boss
I don’t give a toss
I will not unwrap
at your finger snap.”

“Why so stubborn?
When will you learn?
Acting this way
is just horseplay.”

“I act like a horse?
You will show remorse
when I tell our mom.
You won’t be so calm!”

© 2017 elegancesicy.wordpress.com


Week 6

I have a migraine, it started last night late evening. I took some medication but that didn’t work, so I lay down on my bed in the darkness. Yesterday it was a pressure migraine, focused all over my forehead. This morning the pain is mostly coming from behind my right eye. I feel sick and dizzy. I’m going to write up my blog post, and then no more computer screen work for the day.

I finished part one of the Wells of Ascension, Continue reading

Week 5

Random thoughts:
I don’t particularly like the month of February. It is the blah month of the year. The weather is dismal, leaving the cold days behind and entering the long days of rain. Myself and my boyfriend were walking through town the other day in a thunderstorm. We both agreed that we do like the rain itself if we didn’t have to feel the cold that seeps its way through all the layers of clothing. Continue reading