Week 3


This week, I fell down the rabbit hole. Not depression but inactivity in the case of my writing. I signed up for the free trial of audible. I listened to Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn, the first in that series. I’ve never read his stuff before even though I am one of his students. I watch his lectures and listen to the podcast writing excuses. I’ll be getting the second book from the mediateque soon, I will work through the French. That’s how addicting I found his book. Listening to the story was beneficial, it enabled me to separate the words from the story. I was able to analyze how it was written which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Mistborn is a whole new world which I have fallen for, it is different to the Lord of the Rings, to the Dark Materials, to the Harry Potter series, and to the Discworld novels. This is the part that I struggle with the most. There are so many amazing worlds out there in the fantasy genre. How do I make mine uniquely mine? Sanderson showed me how to do this. I know that I look at things differently to most people. I have to pick one aspect of my world and look at it in a way that has not been shown before. The only way to do this is by practicing and writing a lot.

I will not be subscribing to audible, €9 a month for one credit is too expensive in my opinion. Mistborn would have cost me around fifty euro without the credit. I would be hard pushed to even spend that much money on a hardback copy.


I’ve been upping my fitness since June of last year, I’m working away by myself in our sitting room. I’ve taken the decision to learn how to run. Last week I started a twelve-week course, I do four days of walking/running, one day that concentrates on a core workout, and one day on a strength workout.

I follow a YouTube channel created by Pahla B Fitness. I love her videos because they are not super professional. They are professional, but she wobbles sometimes. She makes mistakes, she becomes breathless, she admits that it is hard. She is human. I found when I was searching for videos to follow, a lot of the women are extremely sporty, so much so that I could not connect with them. Even the beginner videos, expected you to have complete coordination, and understand what all the terms meant.

Pahla is friendly and helpful. If you are interested in fitness I would advise you to check her out.

I will be letting you know how my twelve-week course is going.


I started draft three of Death’s Valley. I know, I said I wouldn’t until I had my Series Bible done, but I woke up one of the days knowing exactly how to start chapter 1. I have to do it. I wrote around seven hundred and fifty words and then I wrote an outline for everything that would happen in chapter 1. I made a to-do list of all the information that has to be done in the Series Bible to write the first chapter properly. I have three more characters to finish the secondary characters.

No more plans, I’ve no idea if I will work on the tertiary characters or if I’ll work on what’s needed for chapter 1. I’ll do whatever my mood tells me to do.

Don’t worry, though, every day I worked words the finished product. I’ve started analyzing people’s faces, eyes, and body types. Noting it all down in my head, this will enrich my character descriptions.

I’m reading over draft one of Mountains of Fire as well. At the moment I’m reminding myself of the story, not really dissecting it. Once again there is no point me planning anything because I always end up doing whatever I feel like doing, and then I feel guilty because I didn’t follow the plan. The thing always gets done, I just change how I go about doing it because I get bored with doing the same thing over and over again.


3 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. Awesome progress in all aspects of your life! I think being a writer, we never know when one thread out of one book idea threatens to unravel existing plans. Listen to your gut and go for it. I too need fitness to find my balance. I love how you also study people. I need to do that more often. Happy Tuesday 🙂

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  2. kanundra says:

    Hey hun, thanks for the comment, if you like audiobooks check out AudioBook Boom, if you’re willing to leave a review, you can get books in exchange for that. And there’s a great range of narrators and new books to find 🙂

    I’d be happy to send you a copy of mine if you like the look of it, you can reach me on my website http://www.thesecretking.com

    good luck with everything and nice to connect. ~ Dawn

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