Happy New Year!

I have a creators page on Patreon. At some point in the last twenty months, my boyfriend showed me this website. I thought it was an awesome idea however I had no confidence in myself to be a creator. Now I do, my confidence has grown within myself throughout this year.
I am asking anyone, and everybody to be a patron of mine. I have a reward system depending on how much you want to pay monthly. I hope to have four posts per month for my Patreon page. These posts will be a more in-depth look at what I am up to, and possibly some reviews on the software and tools I use.
My first post will be going up tomorrow. At the end of each month, I will do a review to analyze my progress. As with all new adventures, there may be changes to come as I iron out the creases.
Go and have a gander and let me know what you think. And support me if you can.

Week review:
I did thirteen character fact files this week, I’m going to go back into my routine of working my novel Monday to Friday and whatever else on the weekend.
I have all of my primary characters done from book 1. (Which I will be calling Death’s Valley, book 2 will be known as Mountains of Fire. Both names are work’s in progress.) These are the headings that I have filled out in my fact files so far:
> name and age,
> physical description,
> body type,
> face shape,
> eyes,
> hair,
> role – how the reader sees them,
> personality,
> back story,
> habits/mannerisms,
I am thoroughly enjoying creating these characteristics. It’s not easy, but fun.
When I figure out the fashion in the different regions, that will be another fact to add in. The whole point of this Bible is that I can add information as I create it.

I am reading Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson slowly but surely. I’m taking notes of anything that could spark a possible idea for my world building.

I don’t believe in giving New Year’s resolutions, so I’m not going to. Every single day I make progress in all aspects of my life. I will continue to do this.

Happy New Year, and have a good week.

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