Week 4

The challenge to read L’Orientalisme by Edward W. Said has given me a swift kick up the bottom! However, in reaching for the difficult goal to read it, I am now able to browse the adult fiction section in the library. The last time I took a book from this section, I did finish the book but I understood nothing. It took a couple of chapters to realize that the storm they kept going on about was actually a characters name. That is how lost I was. Continue reading



Two hours fly by in sleep.
Exhaustion is like a creep.
Dragging my eyelids down.
Waiting for me to drown
under the counting sheep.

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Week 1

I signed my contract this week, I am now a nanny for an actual nanny agency. I’m still looking after my two kids, but hopefully, the agency will get me another family. Or I will be teaching English to other kids. I was with an agency before this one, but it wasn’t nanny orientated. They told me they’d be able to get me more work but never got around to getting me more work.

By signing the contract I also get to have health insurance. I haven’t had health insurance since 2011. Haven’t been able to afford it. It will take a huge weight off my shoulders, knowing that now if I do need to go to the doctor or the hospital, I am covered. And maybe, the next time we go up to the Alps, I may try to go skiing. Hopefully I will be able to attend some courses to advance my qualifications in garde d’enfants.

Brilliant news for the start of 2017.

I have been trying to get into the new routine after the Christmas holidays, I haven’t gotten around to opening either book this week. I did eight character fact files, this coming week, I hope to be finished with the secondary characters.

Our printer died, we bought a new one and he is beautiful. He has the function to be able to do the double sides, so once we find where we have to buy his ink, I will be able to print my drafts! I am very excited about that.

I’ve been working hard on my Patreon post, the week goes surprisingly quickly when you are planning on writing a serious post. Compared to these ones, which I write over two days.

My boyfriend is away this week, my main goal for the week is to eat properly without him here. I love cooking for him, he is so enthusiastic. I find it difficult to cook only for myself. And I have a habit of skipping meals when I am by myself.

Eat properly, exercise, do my fact files, my Patreon post, read a chapter of the book, and look after the cat. These are all the things I have to do this week. And do not forget to turn off the gas!