Christmas ’16

Happy Christmas everyone!

This week has gone well. I got two books out of the library. The Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson and L’Orientalisme by Edward Said. The Mother Tongue is not on my list of books, however, the author Bill Bryson is. And it is the only English version of his books in my local library. I’m currently reading the second chapter.
L’Orientalisme is in French, I am on the first chapter, I skipped all of the prefaces. I am reading without taking notes as this readthrough is more to see if I can understand the French. I must say, after reading ten pages, I’ve looked up about six words. Understanding the words is completely different to understanding the concept those words portray. I admit, I am at a loss. However, there is no timer, no test. This endeavor is to enrich my own knowledge base.

I wrote five out of my fifteen stories. They weren’t really stories, though, they were more about characters and their back stories and how they may eventually evolve into something more. I then stopped writing stories.

I bought my beautiful folder for my Series Bible and I started it. I have a list of all of the characters in book 1, all of the towns, cities, and villages. Now starts the slow process of ticking them off the list. I have one character done.


My list of Characters

I’ve heard back from two of the three people who I gave my short story to. Both of them loved it. I am waiting on the third person before I start polishing it.

This week coming I want to look into the price of printing my two drafts. I will be continuing my Series Bible, and that will be an ongoing project for the next couple of months. Until I feel like I have enough information to re-do the drafts. I have a secret project ongoing that hopefully I’ll be able to talk about next week.

Enjoy your Christmas fun and whatever celebrations you participate in.

Thanks for dropping by.



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