IWSG & Weekly Review

Insecure Writers Support Group BadgeIWSG
I missed the IWSG this month, last month too. I know they have a two-month policy and then you’re out. Last month I was too excited by NaNo. This month, Wednesday flew past without a backwards glance. The question was, in relation to your writing where will you be in five years?
The answer, to have a photo taken of me, in a bookstore, beside my book on a shelf.

This past week I have been working on and off on a short story. This morning I sent it to my two beta readers, to eat it up and give me back the remains.
I rewrote the story several times, changing the perspective and details each time. I now have it in a format I am happy with. Enter the part I have little to no experience in, the polish. Choosing the right words and the right punctuation.
I’ll be waiting on my feedback before I start the next part. I might write another short story in the meantime.
I will be buying my folder and utensils for the Series Bible this week. Once the Christmas presents are out of the way.

Other news
I’ve been learning how to use Excel. Holy crap, the possibilities are endless. If you want to learn Excel yourself, go to this website. It is awesome and because of these videos, I went from absolute no idea of working Excel to now making my own spreadsheets.
This weekend I am working on a spreadsheet to organize the books I need to get to help with my Series Bible. Last night between nightmares of my hair falling out and everyone spitting out my apple tart, I thought of a cleaner way to organize my worksheet. What do you think of it?
During my shower, I thought of making a worksheet to keep track of all the words I write in 2017. Tracking the words that I write into my blog, my short stories, my Series Bible, and my two books.
I can do these things and it is so much fun. Check out that website.

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2 thoughts on “IWSG & Weekly Review

    • There is a near constant argument going on in the back of my head. One Lilly is practical and says we will try to go the traditional way of getting published, but let’s face it, the likelihood of that happening is slim. The other Lilly says we will get published! We will have a book in a bookstore! And yes, our book will be made into a movie.

      Writing is a strange mix of positivity and reality. 😀

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