The aftermath of NaNo and its review

December, how I wished and willed the month of December to arrive. Creating content that comes to 2000 words every day is exhausting. I planned my outline sufficiently. I had something to write about for twenty-seven of the thirty days. In the first couple of days, I even managed to write two thousand words more on one of the topics.


My timeline, 7 point story structure

I write my stories through Dragon Naturally Speaking. This, like every other method, has pros and cons. It cuts out all of the “am’s,” “likes,” and “you knows.” It forces me to really think about my word choice. When I make a stupid sentence, I am aware of it the second it leaves my mouth. However, as this is NaNo, I wince and continue talking. I’m also aware when I repeat words throughout a paragraph.
It takes me forever to get started. Once I get going, it flows. Getting started, I sit in my chair, staring at the blank screen, struggling to get my thoughts straight.
As a child, in my primary school, we had to put on a play each year, for Christmas. Everybody had a role to play. The play would be shown at the Honey Fitz theatre. I’m pretty sure, the plays are still ongoing.
The Honey Fitz theatre, is where I set my scenes. I am aware I am not writing a play. I sit myself in front of the stage, and I tell my characters where to stand, or they tell me where they are. Once I have the scene set up, I then decide whose point of view I will be writing from. I do not go into anybody’s head, I try to stay in third person, but mainly focusing on one person’s reactions. Sometimes it’s the main character of that scene, but more often I find it’s a secondary character, they get to see more because they are not invested in the scene like the main characters.
Once I figured out the point of view, the Honey Fitz theatre melts away, and I start writing the story.


Day to day outline


I thought I found it harder this year, according to my boyfriend, though, it was easier. Apparently, I did not complain as much.
The first few days were awesome. The excitement of starting a new project. Will the story go as planned or will it diverse?
The second week, I hit my stride. It’s hard but doable. And ticking my scenes off. I’m tired but the excitement is still there, albeit quieter.
The end of the second week hit me hard. I wobbled scarily.
The third week the mantra starts, “I can do this, I did it last year.” My brain felt simultaneously like a waterlogged sponge and with fuzzy, fluffiness around the edges.
“I can’t do this.”
“I can! Who let her in?… Blank screen I despise you…”
I took the day off in this week, I felt guilty all day, so I wrote fifteen hundred words. Either the next day or later, I actually took a day off. I packed guilty voice up and kicked her out the door.
That gave me a second wind. I wrote on.
The fourth week, finally the characters are physically moving from place to place. The whole book they are all stuck living in places, by choice or by conditions. It’s harder to move the story forward when the characters are only moving within themselves and not physically.
I took another day off when I had only four thousand words to write. This one was perfect. I came back and wrote loads of new ideas for the whole book. These will obviously have to be aforementioned throughout the book next round on it.

Lilly, for next NaNo, know that you will be organized first. You will have the outline. What you need, is motivation. This year you survived solely on your stubborn nature. Next time have something else to motivate you.
We have a whole year to figure out what that is.

Next few weeks
I want to write some short stories.
I want to make myself a Series Bible. The in-depth research needs to begin. I want to buy a binder, notebook, dividers, and plastic sheets and create my own world building bible.
The Bible will include every single aspect of my world in detail. This will be for me, alone. I have no idea how long this will take. I know, I cannot move with the drafts until this is done. That is why I want to do some short stories. I keep writing, practicing and when I’m ready I can write draft 3 of book 1, draft 2 of book 2, and draft 1 book 3.




3 thoughts on “The aftermath of NaNo and its review

  1. Diane Burton says:

    Congrats on NaNo. Not sure I could take the pressure. It sounds like you’ve worked out works for you. Taking a day off re-energized you so no guilt about that. Best wishes on your goals.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family.
    December co-host

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