Update 23/10/16

Work in Progress
I finished draft 2 at 102,343 words. It took me approximately seven months to write it.
I started with writing five hundred words every day, moving onto a thousand words every day. To finally settling into the rhythm of nine hundred words on Monday, twelve hundred words on Tuesday, fifteen hundred words on Wednesday and Thursday, and jotting down whatever else needs to go down on Friday.

This time last year I had a handful of poems and one short story under my belt. I now have a fully written book, the outline for the second book, a whole heap of small stories, plans for several short stories, and a handful of poems.

Last year, I couldn’t plan anything because it did not know how long it would take me. This year, I know after November, that I will not touch draft 1 until the beginning of January. I will spend January giving it a read over and sorting out what needs to be put into draft 2.

In February, I want to be able to start writing draft 2 of book 1. Hopefully, I’ll be finished in September 2017. I can then begin draft 3 of book 1 and book 2.

Originally, I would have preferred to begin draft 3 of book one in January 2017, but I do not have enough feedback from my beta readers. The last thing I want to do is start draft 3 be forced to stop and have to start draft 2 of book 2 in the middle of draft 3 book 1.

I know there are plenty of writers out there who can write different books at the same time. I can only assume that they too can read different books at the same time. I cannot do this, I’m not even going to attempt to do this while writing my books.

Writing Prompts
This week I wrote out a larger version of the Human Summoning prompt, it is now at 1400 words. I want to make it a concise short story, along with the dreamcatcher prompt. And hopefully start sending them to magazines et cetera.

I will have a new writing prompt up this week, I really missed not having a writing prompt to put up. I felt disconnected all week. Also, I’m seriously considering of doing 1000 words writing prompts instead of 500 words. I am improving at elongating the story. This next prompt that goes up will be 2nd last one, it might be the last one. I will not be making any new ones in November.

I have been asked to go out of town next weekend. It is a long weekend in France. I originally said no, because of NaNoWriMo. I then remembered that I did have 3 days I could play with. What harm would it be to miss the first day of NaNoWriMo? I realized that the only thing that was stopping me from going was the need to have my shiny badges of writing every single day. Screw you pride, I’m off to have some fun before the NaNo madness begins.

When I told my boyfriend, he said this to me:

“well, we’ll be back on Tuesday so you will still be able to do your words and not actually miss a day,”

This is one of the many reasons why I love him! He totally accepts and encourages this November craze I have entangled myself into. He knows I’ll be itching to get started, that I will be completely focused on my 2K words for however long it takes me to write them.

I am one lucky woman.

Plans are still up in the air, nothing has been finalized so I might be here next week getting my blog post ready. But if there is no blog post, you all now know where I am.

In French, turkey was called “pouille d’Inde (Indian fowl).” It was shortened to “dinde,” which people thought was female so “dindon” became the male turkey.


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