09/10/16 Review

This past week was interesting. This post is for future Lilly. Every writer I have read about has a section of writing they do not enjoy. The majority of the time it seems to be editing. I’ve discovered my section. It is at the start when I have a fuzzy new idea and I’ve to make it an outline.

This part stresses me out, I’ve been struggling with this part for a few months since August really. Every single time I’ve gone, “I’ve got it!” I sit down with my boyfriend and excitedly telling him. He answers, “great idea, but that’s not the plot line. You need a plot line.”


Not at him. Without him to soundboard my ideas I would never have started.

Snarl at plot lines.

Back I go watching the Dan Wells seven point structure. Back to looking up the definition of a plot line.

This week the plot line screwed me up so much I called a halt on my draft 2 a book 1.
I knew where my characters were supposed to be. I did not know why. Not knowing the why in draft one is fine, draft 2 has to have plausible why.

I was stuck.

And panicking.

What if I never figure this out?

Which then hit my stubborn wall.

Future Lilly, go look at the problem you cancel. Still a challenge but a solvable one. I went to my mega to-do list. First two things on the list:

minerals and coins,
Gold or another type,

I began researching how metals are made, where metals come from, what is ore, ancient coins et cetera until I had 15 wiki pages open, and Pinterest to see the images.

I wrote down two of the main questions to do with coins and my book. To keep me on track, because the amount of times I’ve started research and one topic and end up in the depths of the Internet looking at stuff that has next to nothing to do with the original topic. This way when a shiny link called to me, I glanced at my questions and was able to resist the urge.

I have the shape and material of my coins. The puzzle slotted into place.
Now with the confidence and excitement came from solving this problem, I turned back to that plot line. And click.

I got it. I know what to do. Before I lost it, I told my boyfriend. It passed that test.

With that, I rewrote the whole outline for book 2. I have my main plot line and my two secondary plot lines. I have 28 post-its on my wall. I then did my chapter synopsis for both book 1 and book 2. I also finally figured out the timeline for book 1, I will have to do that for book 2 soon. The synopsis for book 1 was an update that I had been putting off for quite a while. For book 2, I added a point of view reference in its synopsis.

I have 27 chapters to write in November. 2000 words per chapter, which means by the end I’ll have 54,000 words. This way, this year I will have three days of emergencies.

This week I wrote 3782 words. I finished chapter 27 began chapter 28. I wrote a new prompt and published last week’s one.

I started watching BYU 2016 videos of Brandon Sanderson’s lectures. I am not sure if I’ll get all the lectures watched before November. I think it will be helpful for a November to refresh myself on writing techniques.

That’s it for this week, I hope you all have a good week.

Edit: I forgot to put in an etymology word.

Dote meaning silly or feeble minded comes from the bird dotterel who was easily caught.


One thought on “09/10/16 Review

  1. Sara says:

    Interesting post, I think its really interesting seeing inside the mind of a writer, especially when you say that there parts of this job you don’t like. I can relate to that because even though I love art making, there are still hard parts. What I’ve realised is, that it’s making myself, make art. Sometimes its nothing to do with creativity and mostly to do with feeling afraid of failing or feeling like procrastination in the land of videos and internet fun is easier and requires less thinking. It takes a lot to challenge yourself like that.

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