September and 02/10/16 Update

One month to NaNoWriMo! The countdown begins. I cleaned up my desk. I have two-thirds of book 2 outlined on my wall.
The best news, I would have finished two of book one by November. I will be able to seamlessly right from one story into the next.
I wrote 5179 words this week. I finished chapter 25 and 26. My boyfriend finished reading draft one. I have four chapters left. I published Green and wrote a new prompt. I researched and put up the passive voice post, which will come in handy when I begin to write draft three. I wrote a new poem. An excellent week.
In September I wrote 18,638 words into my WIP. I wrote four separate 500-word stories. I am delighted with myself.
I’ve great news too, this week I’m going to hit a 100 K. Crazy! I made it. I’m looking forward to book 2. Each time I think about it, I get a nervous smile. The pure creative stage is a true high. It doesn’t matter what you write as long as the stories moving forward. It’s why the outline is so important to me.
It’s like throwing mud balls and a wall. Some of them will stick, more will drip down the wall. Each dirty streak is a pathway. In the end, you may clean that pathway off. At the moment of throwing, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is the enjoyment of flinging mud balls and a wall.
My goals for October:
finished the last four chapters,
write more prompts,
prepare for NaNo,

I don’t know if I’ll get around to doing a whole post on etymology. Instead, I write one at the end of each weekly review.
The sandwich named after the fourth Earl of Sandwich, 18-century nobleman. He loved playing cards so much he wouldn’t leave the table. He ordered them to bring the food to him, creating the sandwich.
Words, their meanings and where they came from by Elizabeth O’Neill.

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