Abandoned and alone
dodging a flung stone.
Attacked by canines.
Toms send valentines.

An old man hobbles
soon to join the angels.
Heart attacks have twice
tried to lead him to paradise.

He insists on walking
“Baboo!” he is calling.
She appears like a comet,
she is my friend, my Scarlet.

I thought she had a home,
that she enjoyed to roam.
But now I know the truth
it pains me like a sore tooth.

My home is open to her.
She always gives me a purr.
She shows me her belly,
but I am not that silly.

I will give her a bed
a warm place for her head.
Food and milk will be plenty.
Hugs and kisses given freely.

She can go as she pleases.
Knowing that when the rain bounces
She can dash to my apartment
never again feeling abandonment.

© 2016


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