Ice Cold

Writing prompt: It’s the summertime and you’re swimming with your best friends in the lake near your house.
You dive in for when you come up for air feel the chill of winter, snow was covering the ground, and your friends are floating dead next to you.

“Race you!”

Jaden flung his shoe at Lance, who caught it. Jess giggled. Lance blushed, dropped it and ran after Jaden.

“Come on, we can easily beat Jaden,” Jess said tugging on my arm. Holding hands we ran together. She was faster than me but she always stayed at my pace, she could beat Lance no problem.

Catching up on Jaden, Lance kicked out a foot. His flip-flop raised slowly into the air. With unbelievable accuracy, it hit Jaden on the back of his head. Jaden, already unbalanced with trying to take off his shoe, tripped forward.

Jess and I passed him spitting dirt out of his mouth.

Reaching the jetty, Jess lets go of my hand. Lance had dived in already and was making for the raft in the middle of the lake.

I stood, panting. Fumbling with my sandal straps, I watched Jess run and dive smoothly into the sparkling water. It closed around her with a small splash.

Looking back, Jaden was standing, holding his other shoe over his head triumphantly. He smashed it to the ground like an American football.

I ran along the jetty, gasping as my bare soles smacked the roasting boards. The jetty vibrated violently warning me of Jaden’s approach. I jumped into the water, no graceful dive for me.

The water was cold, but I ignored that. Not moving as the bubbles brushed past my skin, I love this feeling. I started swimming through the water. Breaking to the surface to breathe and orientate myself. I love swimming underwater.

I pulled myself onto the raft.

* * *


Looking around I saw my mom and a cop skating across the frozen lake. I couldn’t tell if it was dawn or dusk. There were an ambulance and a cop car parked beside the lake. The headlights pointed towards me standing in the middle of the raft. Looking down, I cried out and fell to my knees.

“Don’t move!”

I flinched as the cop pulled out a gun and pointed it at me.

“Don’t you point that thing at her!” Mom halted between me and the cop, holding a hand up to the cop. “She’s in nothing but a bikini and shorts, she’s not threatening.” She called out clearly so that the EMTs who were approaching could hear her too. The cop reluctantly put the gun away.

“She is not to touch the bodies.”

I stared down at the frozen remains of my three best friends. They surrounded me, in a triangle.

“Danny, come here carefully,” mom coaxed holding out a blanket. I got up and stepped over Jess, “that’s it, come here,” mom encouraged.

The cop scolded us. “Ma’am, I have questions for Danny.”

“Robert, she has no shoes on. She has to be checked up by the EMTs.”

“I’m not cold,” I whispered to mom.

“It’s the shock, you there,” she caught the closest EMT girl with a stretcher, “like down.”

“But I can walk.”

“Do as your mother says. You will get frostbite and hypothermia out here.” The EMT girl said pushing me onto the stretcher.

* * *

“If we get a lawyer we might as well shout it from the rooftops that she did it!”

“We have to get one Sonia, how else can we explain it. They are saying it was a group
initiation ritual! They are saying Danny was the leader.”

“Oh come on, that’s laughable!”

“It’s the only thing that makes sense, why else were they all in summer clothes in the middle of winter?”

Opening my eyes, my mom, and my stepdad Henry were whispering back and forth. They both looked towards the door every couple of seconds. I groaned as my surroundings filtered in, I was in the hospital. I hate hospitals.

“Danny, you’re awake?” Mom grabbed my hand and squeezed it.

“Mom, what happened?”

“You don’t remember?” Mom whispered Henry moved to the end of the bed watching the door.

I shook my head. There was a knock on the door.

“Don’t say anything until the lawyer gets here,” mom said, Henry breathed a sigh of relief. The doctor came into the room.

* * *

“Well, this isn’t too bad,” mom said in a cheery voice.

“Mom, it’s a mental hospital,” I dumped my bag on one of the 2 beds the little room. There were 2 lockers, 2 wardrobes, between the wardrobes was a door that led into a small bathroom, “why am I here?”

“The doctors want to keep an eye on you. You were on that raft for ten hours and not even a cough.”

“They could keep an eye on me at home. No need to lock me up here.”

“The lawyer has advised us that if you participate in a program you will get a lighter sentence,” Henry came into the room.

“I didn’t murder my best friends,” I said for the hundredth time.

Mom shot Henry a disgusted look.

“We both know that,” Henry said, “but right now your explanation sounds bat shit crazy, and won’t convince anyone other than those who know you.”

He pulled me and mom into a hug.

“When can I get out?” Accepting the tissue mom handed to me.

“I don’t know, it depends on the doctors.”

A bell sounded in the corridor.

“We have to go, honey, we will be back next week. I love you,” mom gave me one last squeeze before leaving.


Update 23/10/16

Work in Progress
I finished draft 2 at 102,343 words. It took me approximately seven months to write it.
I started with writing five hundred words every day, moving onto a thousand words every day. To finally settling into the rhythm of nine hundred words on Monday, twelve hundred words on Tuesday, fifteen hundred words on Wednesday and Thursday, and jotting down whatever else needs to go down on Friday.
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Update 16/10/16

I was very sick all this week. I listened to my body and gave it the rest it needed. I did no writing this week.

It was pleasant taking the time off, I realized how much work I have been doing these past few weeks.

It also showed me why I was so depressed before I found my love for writing. Writing is the medicine I take to help me keep my depression at bay.

I spend all of my time writing, thinking about writing, researching writing, watching and reading other writers talk about their processes. The only thing I did this week that was connected to writing, was reading. Before writing came into my life, I spent my days panicking about what my life was about, sleeping, reminding myself to eat, and staring blankly at the wall wishing the time away. I did none of those things this week, I received my colouring book on Wednesday and spent my time productively colouring in.

Today my routine is kicking off again. I might not have a writing prompt up this week, I have not written it.

My boyfriend bought me an awesome fancy notebook for my birthday, amongst other things. I need to finish this notebook and begin filling the new one with tons of stories!

That’s all I have to say for this week. Hopefully next week I’ll have more to talk about, after a full week of writing again.

Human Summoning

Writing prompt: One minute you are in your house, the next you are standing in the living room surrounded by three demons. They dropped their Ouija board and scream as they run to the bathroom and locked the door. “I told you we shouldn’t have touched it!”
I really like this story and I think there is more to it. I will be adding to this prompt this week.

“I should never have bought these damn boots,” Jake muttered to himself sitting in the middle of his bedroom floor tugging at a sleek black boot. The remains of a wooden ruler lay beside him, “fits like a glove is an understatement!” He cried out using his bootless right foot to try and kick the heel off his left foot.

The air fizzled around him, a spark flashed from his fingertips.

“What the actual…”

His bedroom disappeared.

He was sitting on a stone floor, staring across at the couch filled with three things. Before he could register what they were, they screeched causing his hair to stand up on end. He ducked as they threw something up into the air. He could hear thundering feet exiting the room.

“… fuck?”

He lowered his arm and looked about the room cautiously. There was nobody in the room but himself. The thing they had thrown up into the air had landed near him. With the toe of his boot, he gently flipped it over and stared.

It was an Ouija board.

The room was well lit, but there were no windows, no source of light that he could see. He stood up slowly.

Placing his bootless foot on his left foot, to keep the cold from seeping up through his sock.

“Marcus? Are you playing some weird in-depth scam?” He called out surprising himself with how much his voice shook.

He heard a noise over by the door. His heart hammering in his chest, he turned carefully. Half closing his eyes, not wanting to see.

A small purple kangaroo shaped creature stood in the doorway staring at him.

Why on earth did I think kangaroo? That looks nothing like a kangaroo.

“You are human, yes?” It asked in a surprisingly deep voice.

Jake stood frozen as it came into the room. It walked on its back legs, its front legs were long, it kind of used them like an ape. He had no tail. Definitely nothing like a kangaroo. Something else was following into the room.

That’s a crab claw anyway, a big one. It had yellow drooping skin, it seemed to have a head and shoulders, but Jake couldn’t distinguish a face. Crab claw was taller than the not kangaroo.

Jake knew he had seen three creatures when the third one did not arrive. He realized that they were waiting for him to speak.

“Yes, I am human. What kind of elaborate trick is this?”

“Trick?” The not kangaroo said, “we accidentally summoned you. You can leave now.”

“I don’t know how I got here, if you summoned me, you should be able to send me back,” Jake said angrily.

He screeched.

A huge bumblebee the size of Jake’s own head appeared not two inches from his face. He fell over backward hitting his head.


That was a strange dream.

He opened his eyes and yelled loudly when he saw the three creatures looking down at him.

“I told you we shouldn’t have touched it!” He heard one of them say as he ran out of breath.

09/10/16 Review

This past week was interesting. This post is for future Lilly. Every writer I have read about has a section of writing they do not enjoy. The majority of the time it seems to be editing. I’ve discovered my section. It is at the start when I have a fuzzy new idea and I’ve to make it an outline.

This part stresses me out, I’ve been struggling with this part for a few months since August really. Every single time I’ve gone, “I’ve got it!” Continue reading