Write a list of 25 sentences that all start with the word “green”.

Green lemon is a lime, I’m pretty sure, but in French, it is citron vert. Green is a colour, a surname and stands for jealousy or envy. Green also means someone is about to vomit or sneeze. Green has now frozen my brain, it wants me to try another prompt. Green will not win, I will make 25 sentences out of you. Green is a secondary colour made by blue and yellow. Green is stupid, go home green. Green is the colour representing money, ha I just remembered that! Green is the colour of grass, trees et cetera, it makes me wonder how the grass knows to be green, did they have a meeting? Green is a colour I will not talk about anymore because it is kind of boring, there must be other things my brain can come up with. Green is moss, I like moss because it is soft but then I worry about the bugs crawling all over me, moss only works in stories, not in real life. Green food is healthy, I like it now, the only time I eat sweets is when greens good friend red comes for a visit. Green and red remind me of Christmas time, which sucks because I can only wear my green pants and red top around Christmas. Green! I’ve just noticed the last few sentences were about colour, so I used you in the form of a curse. Greene, George was a scientist. Greenland should be called Ireland and vice versa because Ireland is all green while Greenland is covered in snow, someone dropped the ball that day. Green is not the colour of ink in my pen which is wasting even though there is still an inch left in the cartage. Green nearly made me skip a number: 18 comes after 17, not 19! Green is making my brain throb, my mind is filled with green. Green help me, I’m running out of things to write. Green helps nobody but himself, or herself. Green, I’ll make a character out of you and make you die a lonely slow death. Green, touché, instead I’ll stick you into a never-ending birthday party where the song is directed at you! Green, of course, I’m evil, I’m a writer, I hold the pen. Green stop talking to the other characters, it’s all lies, I’m the boss, not them!


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