25/09/13 Weekly Update

We are five weeks away from National Novel Writing Month. If you would like to join me and so many others from around the world to write 50,000 words this November go here.
This is my invitation to you. I had never written anything like this before last year. I decided about a week before the first of November to do it. I planned and read books. I rounded the number to 60,000 so that it divides better by 30 days.
I wrote 2000 words a day. Supported by you guys and my Facebook friends who all thought I was running some strange-ass marathon! I wrote during the terrorist attacks in Paris. I wrote with one eye on my novel, one eye on Twitter and Reddit, and one year dedicated to my boyfriend who was periodically checking his phone for updates of his friends. Living in that horrified dread of not actually been able to call them.
NaNoWriMo is tense, it is exhausting. I learned how disciplined I am. 2000 words every single day regardless of what happens that day.
I had the daily reward of seeing my graph gradually grow. And grow evenly too which is always a pleasant sight.
My story blossomed. Characters became solid, new ones appeared, granted I gave them names like “this one here,” or “pig guard.”
I made it. I wrote my first complete draft to my second novel idea.
One year later, I am nearly finished my second draft of that same book.
In November, come join me! I’ll be writing the first draft of the second book in this trilogy.
My book started the with this thought, “what if a girl came home and her uncle was confused about who he actually is?”
You can create a novel out of any idea. Passion, discipline, and having one person who you trust to tell your “silly sounding” idea to are the things that help me. What has helped you?

Other news I had a bad week this week. I felt like I was fighting the flu which has no intention of arriving. Drained and hungry all week.
I wrote 3296 words, I finished two chapters and wrote one writing prompt. I published last week’s writing prompt, it has gotten pretty good feedback. I did a rough outline for my NaNoWriMo prep.
While working on the outline, I got into a muddy rut.
“How to bring the treasure through the forest, which is like two weeks to travel? Do they have horses? How much weight can horses carry? How far can they go? What kind of metal is it? What is the weight of just one?”
My boyfriend got to watch this panic-stricken train flash through my head.
“Lilly, what are you thinking about?”
I let the above thoughts spill out in a jumble of words and question marks.
“Lilly, they are the details, they don’t matter right now.”
My brain screams DON’T MATTER! That’s crazy talk!
He told me to make a to-do list of all the things that were taking my brain away from making the outline. I did this, I called it my Mega to-do list. Turns out it’s not that mega. I calmed down, and I’m glad I didn’t scream my thoughts out loud. I did go have a cry, though. Every once in awhile, I forget that I can only concentrate on the step that I am at at the moment. I cannot look up at the mountain of work that needs to be done.
This week, I’ll be putting my outline up on my wall. I need to sort out the names of all the  towns and cities, and possibly new characters who are not yet created. Basically, begin to mark off my mega to-do list.


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