18/09/16 Update

Another excellent week, I give myself full marks. 4986 words in my WIP, edited two 500 word stories and did another new writing prompt. I realise that I am only 20 words short of the 5000. There is the writing advice that says to stop in the middle of a sentence, to help the juices flow the following writing session. I cannot do this. I stopped at the end of the scene, and writing even 20 words would have meant that I started a new scene. I finished two chapters this week.
I’m trying to put humour into my writing. Which I’ve read is harder than writing about death or sadness. It’s true because you have to build up the joke, or up to the one-liner. It has to be natural. Nothing forced. It’s also important to remember that not everyone will find your humour funny. (Actually, that could be another writing prompt, write a scene that is funny but not your humour.) In my opinion, that’s good. Being able to pinpoint who laughs at my stuff, narrows down your audience.
This brings me to the marketing step, where we pick which audience to sell your book in. I struggled with this until I read On Writing by Stephen King. He writes for his wife. For me, the whole point of researching other writers processes is for that “aha” moment when something they do resonates with your whole self.
I write for my boyfriend. He is currently reading my first draft of my WIP. He is the only person who will ever see that draft. Luckily, our humour is very similar. When I hear him chuckle over something I have written, I drop what I’m doing to find out what it was. It’s a great feeling to have, to know something I wrote made him laugh out loud.
The reason I have him reading my first draft is because when I wrote it, I had never written anything, any story, that had a beginning, a middle, and the all-important end. I was on a natural high from succeeding. I knew I had a long road of work to go before my book was finished. I needed someone to tell me what worked and what didn’t. He has no trouble telling me where it sucks, and where it blows his mind.
You remember those game shows which had the soundproof room for your teammate?
That’s where I put the part of me that creates the stories when I have to hear the criticism. It is hard to separate yourself up into all the different novel making components, but I think it is necessary.
It’s another reason why I read about others processes.
The hardest thing that I’ve to remember is, I have the whole world, all the connections, links, storylines, plotlines, back stories, future stories, all of them in my head. My boyfriend, and my beta readers don’t.
When they say “I don’t understand this part…” My brain goes, “well yes, but that’s because this happens later on, and this is where he is coming from.” It’s a hard thing, to not do that. The thing I have to do is to go back into the story and fix it up so that they don’t end up saying that sentence.
When I feel my defences go up, I asked myself, “how are we going to improve if we are not willing to listen and hear what our hand-picked advisers have to say?”
I’m not sure if I’ve said this before on this blog: I love writing. I’m still new to the whole process but have yet to come across an aspect that I don’t enjoy. Every part of it is learning.
Friday night, I spent several hours sorting my Twitter followings into lists. It was a small bit boring, I’ll admit, but I now have a list of 200 writers and authors. That’s really cool. I get to see how these people promote themselves and their writings. I get to talk to these people. I will be sorting that list into smaller manageable lists so that I can actually see the people in it.
Saturday morning, I picked up my pen started writing this post into my journal. I had no idea what I was going to write about for this update. After writing this post, I crashed for the rest of the day.
I’ll put up the new writing prompt tomorrow or Tuesday.
Life is good and writing is awesome.


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