Glitter Bomb

He jerks up on the couch knocking the half empty bag of crisps onto the carpet.
“For shit’s sake!” He mutters watching the contents of the bag spew all over his freshly hoovered carpet. Leaning forward, he sighs and begins picking up the crisps.
Bzzz Bzzz
He stops and turns towards the door.
Looking back down at the navy carpet that now looked like the stars in the night sky. Emptying a handful of crisps back into the bag, he got up fixing his shirt and brushing crumbs from his shorts. Approaching the door, rubbing his hand across his mouth searching for dried spit. Picking up the phone he held it to his ear.
“…” Coughing dryly, “yeah?”
“It’s me, let me up please.”
Pressing the button, what’s she so upset about? Putting the door on the latch and walking to the counter that separated the kitchen from the sitting room. His apartment was open plan, the one door led into his bedroom and ensuite bathroom. The washing machine, dryer, sink, oven, hob, and fridge were all crammed into the small kitchen. The counter served as a dining table. Reaching for the portable Hoover that hung on the wall above the counter. He started to clean up the crumbs.
“Hey!” She sobbed.
Dropping the hoover. Staring at her, standing in the doorway, her usual immaculate ponytail hung dishevelled. A puddle of water was forming on the tiles. She was drenched, covered in cuts and bruises and…
“Is that glitter?” Walking over to her, grabbing a tea towel and passing it over, he looked out into the corridor for, “where is your bike?” He said shutting the door.
“Stupid bike!” She said through clenched teeth using the towel to dry the ends of her hair.
He hurried into his room to get some more towels for her. He then led her to the couch, kicking the Hoover out of the way.
“What happened?”
She spent a few minutes attempting to fix herself but gave up and launched into her tale.
“Some idiot left a rock in the middle of the mountain trail path. I went full speed into it. The bike and I flew down the bank. The front wheel is all warped. I had no choice but to leave it at the bottom covered in leaves, I hope nobody steals it. We have to go back to it,” she said clutching his arms, eyes widen in earnest.
“Yes, yes,” he said waving her on.
“I tried really hard to get the bike out, but the banks are too steep and the stupid front wheel prevented it. That’s where most of the cuts come from. I got up by myself eventually, made it out of the road. When I was walking here, only five minutes away,” she swung her arm out, “some arseholes in a car glitter bombed me! I’m going to take a shower,” she said getting up, “I hope it was only glue and water in the balloons!”


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