I made my first friend when I was four years old. I’m still friends with that girl, woman now. Even though we have long since been best friends. We do not call and talk to each other every single day. We do not know every single possible detail about each other. She is still one of the few people who are truly close to me.
We have a tradition. We talk to each other at least twice a year. On our birthdays. Ever since we both had mobile phones we have texted each other on the others day.
Her birthday was this past week. Now, to the point of this topic. She believes in me. She truly believes that one day in the future she will be holding my book.
I have been writing poetry for less than two years, I haven’t even reached the year mark with writing fantasy.
I tell this woman, who, let’s face it, I told her all my “this is my new life plan!” ideas, she has always cheered me on. For her to tell me she can’t wait to hold my book, honestly, I am still on the high it gave me.
She’s not the only person who believes me. Every single person I tell says the same or similar things to me. How I react to this show of belief, conveys how much I have changed. How much I have improved. How I have left the negative side of myself go.
I agree with her and with them. She will be holding a copy of my book, (I will be finding her to sign it and tell her how much she means to me) this will happen.
I’m pretty sure we became friends because our parents carpooled. In the car, there was me, her, my brother, her two brothers, my sister, her sister and whoever was driving. Seven people in four spots, seven people from the age of 4 to 10 or 11. Herself and I rarely got seat space. We stood and hung on tightly to the head rests. To blow your designated-car-seats minds further, we carpooled with one other family for a while too. Which added three more kids, maybe four, I honestly can’t remember if the older guy was there or not. That experience alone binds you for life! We were the babies. Throughout the years we got more and more space until eventually, finally, it was just us two.

I wrote my 5000 words this week! I finished chapter 20 and am nearly finished chapter 21. I wrote out a writing prompt. And last night I began editing last week’s writing prompt. I plan to work on that today.
I haven’t put anything in writing but I have thought a lot about book 2 for NaNoWriMo. I’m starting to get excited and nervous for my second year. For this coming week, I want to sort out what preparations need to be done for NaNoWriMo. Obviously, I want to start doing them as well.
If you go to my About page you will see how I have decided to take my blog out on the anonymous sphere I’ve been writing in.
I joined a platform called Scriggler. I read a post about marketing, it advises that you begin marketing your book at the same time that you start writing it. A good author links all their sites together so that readers can reach them.
I put up the story I wrote last week on the site. They tweeted it twice. The first time it got retweeted once. The second time, he got retweeted five times! I am very happy this week. I will continue to put my 500-word prompts onto that site and here. I was worried about publishing rights et cetera. However, with these stories, they are my practice exercises. A taste of my capabilities, and hopefully show off my improvements.

I finished Stories That Words Tell Us by Elizabeth O’Neill. I promise I will get around to doing a post about the words that I found fascinating in that book.
I finished The Siege of Macindaw number six of the Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan. I’m taking a break from that series. I felt that this book was too slow with not a lot of stuff happening.
I have the French edition of Zodiac. That’s my next French book to read. And I hope to start On the Study of Words by Richard Chenevix Trench.
The Discworld novels are calling out to me again. I started to reread Equal Rites.

Discussion of the week
My boyfriend believes I am a morning person. I adamantly refuse. Unfortunately, I think I am wrong. Not that I’m admitting it! Since my ISWG post, he is saying I am a morning person. I don’t like the mornings but I am most productive because my brain is reduced to a one track mind. I love evenings because it means the day is nearly over, I can put on my pyjamas. Dinner will be ready soon, I can sit and read. Or chat with my boyfriend. My least favourite part of the day’s lunchtime. It is my blah moment. It drags on. I don’t like making or eating lunch. It is by far the most boring part of the whole day. I like to sleep through it!
All I know for sure is that I am definitely not a lunchtime person!


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